What Includes in iOS 17? What Are the New Features?


Apple is about to release the all new iOS 17 this harvest. iOS 17 is about to replace the current operating system in all the apple devices which is iOS 16. There is not much information about the features and speculations of iOS 17.

But according to a few trusted websites on internet, the new update of iOS might include more lock screen widgets, major improvement to iMessage and  more access to third party app stores. But keep in mind that all these information about the features are just the rumors about iOS 17. No official announcement has been made by the Apple. Here we have collected the information on iOS 17 running all over the stream. So let’s dive in!

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What are the Expectations from the iOS 17?

The peoples have a lot of expectations from the all new iOS 17 going to release this fall. There were so man new features added to iOS 16. These features included a battery indicator, more touch area on keyboard, lock screen customizations and lock screen widgets. Yes, these were a good additions but they wee very subtle.

iOS now uses AI to separate you from the background photos of your wallpaper. You can move it wherever you want. With the Community Camera feature, you can use your phone camera as a webcam. Lock screen is having customizable fonts. iOS also supports live chats. You can also add your preferred wallpaper to your device.

what includes in iOS 17

Unfortunately, iOS 16 removed Parallax effect option from static wallpapers, which was a big disappointment for Apple users. We are still a few months away from the time we unveil the iOS 17, which is likely to be released this June. But we do have certain expectations which we would like to be fulfilled by the new update. We have only a limited information about iOS 17, because Apple is currently working on it.

iOS 17: What we can Expect?

Here are the new features and speculations we would like to have in the new update of iOS. Stay tuned with us to also know about the release date and time of the update which we will put in the article later.

More Lock Screen Widgets

We are limited to using four small and two large lock screen widgets. That too, if we customize our phone. We hope that iOS 17 can provide us more lock screen widgets to choose from and expand it a little bit. We also hope that the widgets can be more interactive, without even opening the app.

Split Screen

Although the iPhone supports multitasking via Fast App Switching, but it does not provide Split Screen currently like on a iPad. Of course, this is due to the short screen. But, we hope to see this feature in iOS 17.

Updates in CarPlay

At 2022 Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple provided with a preview of CarPlay. The first vehicles in with next generation CarPlay are about to come in late 2023. We can also hope that we would see that support in update iOS 17.

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Third Party App Stores

According to Mark Gurman, Apple plans on letting people download apps in iOS 17 without Apple’s own App Store. You can already sideload apps in iOS, but using a method that is approved by apple can be easier and safer.

Improvements in Siri

With the new update in iOS 17, Apple plans on making significant improvements in Siri. One of them may be shorter Siri phrases. Apple might remove the “HEY” from the “HEY SIRI”.

Call Recording

This might be one of the most demanded features from Apple. Apple might be likely providing the call recording feature to its uses with iOS 17. Call Recording feature is provided in the Android phones from almost a decade, which can be seen in iPhones also.

Improved Notification System

It can be very messy sometimes to manage and read notifications in iOS, mainly on the lock screen. We hope we can see the improvements in this in iOS 17.

App Cloning

App Cloning is a very useful feature with which we can make clones of the apps like WhatsApp. It will be very useful to make clones as we can access multiple accounts on the cloned apps. We can expect to see this feature in iOS 17.

VR App

Apple is likely to launch the new Apple VR Headsets very soon. We can expect to see a VR app in the new update. With the app, we might be able to operate the headsets with the phone.

Background Tasking

It is a very long term issue with iOS. People have issues about the way iOS handle background tasking. Like downloading large videos from Safari can not work in background. We expect from Apple to pay heed to this issue in the new update.

What Might Be the Release Date and Time for iOS 17?

According to Apple’s yearly release patterns, we can expect a major release this year. Well, judging by the fact that company usually drops the update in September month, we can expect that is the month of release of iOS 17. About all the primary details and first Beta version which will be  announced in WDC 2023 in June.

what includes in iOS 17

During this period, you might be able to use iOS 17 before it is available widespread. You just have to sign up for Apple Beta Software Program which is free of cost. After beta stage and release of iPhone 15, iOS 17 will be available to the public. But it can only work in its compatible phones. It’ll automatically install. If not, you can check for the iOS updates manually. You just have to go to the Settings then General and then to Software Update.

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iOS 17 Compatible Devices

The latest iPhones released these past few years might be compatible to the update. But we can not be very sure about this until Apple provides the details. For intext, iOS 16 works with these devices. So, we might guess that iOS 17 will also be available in the following

  • iPhone Pro Max (11 and newer)
  • iPhone Pro (11 and newer)
  • iPhone (11 and newer)
  • iPhone mini (12 and newer)
  • iPhone SE (2nd generation and newer)
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone XS Max

FAQ’s About iOS 17 Update

Q1: Do we have to pay any price or the update?

Ans. No. iOS updates are totally free of cost. You can download the update at no cost if your phone           is compatible with it.

Q2: Can we expect a RCS Supports foe iMessage?

Ans. Apple’s iMessage is a very popular app. Adding RCS Support to it will make it better and easier to use for its users. It will make a better experience for everyone. Because Apple still uses the old and outdated MMS/SMS standard. It can be very insecure sometimes.

Q3: What will be the release date for iOS 17?

Ans. Apple usually releases all of its updates in the month of September. Judging by the release pattern the company usually follows, we can expect the release of iOS 17 in the September this year. Compatible phones will be able to download the update completely free of cost.

Q4: Will we be able to use Third Party app stores?

Ans. Apple plans to let users download the all new iOS 17 with some third party app stores. It will be better to use the method that Apple approves other than sideloading apps in iOS or jailbreaking your mobile.

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