What is GPTZero? Know How to Use the ChatGPT-Detection Tool?


Since OpenAI’s ChatGPT came out, students have been using it to write articles and cheat on tests, which worries schools all over the world. Teachers are finding it harder to tell if their students’ work is original because the chatbot’s text looks so real.

A computer science graduate made GPTZero, a tool that can tell if a text was written by a machine or a person. This can help teachers figure out how well their students did on their work. This piece will tell you how the tool works, how to use it, and if it can find content made by AI or not.

What Is GPTZero, and How Does It Work?

Edward Tian, who has a degree in computer science, made GPTZero, an AI tool for studying the text, so teachers could tell the difference between stolen text and original work. The tool checks how easy and fast it is to tell if a text was written by a person or a computer. Let’s look at what these words mean without getting into more detail.

What is GPTZero? Know How to Use the AI-Detection Tool

In Natural Language Processing (NLP), perplexity is used to measure how strange a text is. Text that was written by a person is generally less organized and harder to predict, so its perplexity number should be higher. The text made by AI, on the other hand, should have a low complexity number.

Burstiness is a better way to look at a piece of writing than confusion because it takes into account more things. It means that things that don’t happen very often tend to happen together in strange ways. Most of the time, text made by AI is more reliable than text made by people. This is what we can tell from the popping.

Since the beginning of 2023, anyone has been able to use GPTZero Classic, which is now free to use as of March 2023. But in the free version, you can only look at up to three papers at once, and each one can only be up to 5,000 characters long.

What is GPTZero? Know How to Use the AI-Detection Tool

GPTZero is available in two paid versions: GPTZero Educator and GPTZero Pro. These are for teachers and people who want to learn millions of words every month. In premium versions, you can look at an endless number of files at once, and each document has more characters than in the free version.

Does GPTZero only recognize ChatGPT outputs?

GPTZero works well with a wide range of AI language models, such as ChatGPT, GPT-3, GPT-2, LLaMA, and AI services that use these models.

How Does GPTZero Helps People Find Research Articles Made by ChatGPT?

ChatGPT was made by OpenAI. It is a big language model. It can make study papers that make sense and are full of useful information about a wide range of topics.

But it has been noticed that some of ChatGPT’s posts use material from other places. This can make it hard for experts and academics to do their jobs. OpenAI made GPTzero, a model that can find copying in study papers made by ChatGPT, to solve this problem.

How GPTZero Works?

GPTZero is an AI tool that can help find out if a piece of text was made by AI or not. It gives the whole paper a number that shows how likely it is that AI made it all. This number can tell you if the text uses AI a lot or not.

Sentence-level classification can be used when there is a mix of content made by AI and content written by people.

What is GPTZero? Know How to Use the AI-Detection Tool

If one line says “AI-generated,” that doesn’t mean that the rest of the paper was also made in part by AI. Instead, when it’s obvious that a lot of the text was written by a computer, the underlined sentence shows where in the text this happened.

The goal of the classifier is to tell you when you need to do more research and when using AI in your work could be dangerous. It can help with education, certification, hiring, recruiting, social writing platforms, and cases where plagiarism or false information might be a problem.

What is GPTZero? Know How to Use the AI-Detection Tool

GPTzero works by comparing the text that ChatGPT makes with a big set of known research pieces to find places where the two texts are the same or overlap. Several methods, such as text similarity measures, meaning analysis, and machine learning algorithms, are used to do this.

If GPTzero finds that a research article made by ChatGPT is very close to a known research article, it flags the article so that someone can look at it. This lets researchers and academics check that the study is real and original before they quote or reference it.

Is GPTZero Free to Use?

GPTZero was designed for teachers, but anyone can use it. This won’t always be the case, though. The rules of business may say that some services will cost money. There is also a note that says new users who sign up can get a free 30-day trial if they do so.

GPTZero is not an open-source project, and without Streamlit, a Python app platform with a free cloud service for Streamlit apps, Tian would have to pay a lot for storage. Even though there isn’t as much traffic on GPTZero as there is on ChatGPT, OpenAI chose to start charging for it as well to cover its costs.

What is GPTZero? Know How to Use the AI-Detection Tool

Even though hosting on Streamlit is free, this generally means that this site for sharing has limited bandwidth and resources. Apps like GPTZero wouldn’t have been as useful to people.

Right now, Streamlit is helping Tian by giving GPTZero more space to house programs and more memory for running programs. If it grows quickly enough, that might change.

How to Subscribe to ZeroGPT’s Premium Version?

To sign up for these paid versions, do the following:

  • Go to the Dashboard in GPTZero.
  • Sign in with an account you already have or make a new one.
  • After you log in, you can switch to a paid version.

How to Use GPTZero to Locate Text Made by AI?

For GPTZero, you don’t need to sign up like you do for ChatGPT. Go to the page to find out how to use the tool. Let’s look at where it is and how to use it:

  • Go to GPTZero.

What is GPTZero? Know How to Use the AI-Detection Tool

  • You can copy and paste the words you want to see or share a video.
  • Mark the box that says “I agree to the service terms.”
  • Click on the option “Get Results.”

When the check is done, GPTZero will tell you whether the text was written by a person or by artificial intelligence.

How can I use GPTZero Website?

You can get GPTZero from its website or via an API. API means “application programming interface.” Copy the text you want to check and put it into the big box that says “Try it out” to use the site. You can also hit the Get Results button after sharing a PDF, Word, or text file. You will also have to check the box that says you agree to the terms of service.

Do We Really Need to Check for Copied Work?

OpenAI released ChatGPT to the public at the end of November 2022. This was a big step forward for AIs that could make words. They had only been used in study rooms before that. ChatGPT had more than 100 million users by January 2023, making it the public app with the fastest growth rate to date.

This means that as AI helps people in more and more ways, they will worry even more about copying. Microsoft is adding OpenAI technology to its Bing search engine, and Google is trying out its own version, called Bard.

In the same way, AI picture producers like Dall-E and Stable Diffusion are being looked at to see if they might be breaking copyright laws. All of these AI services have learned how to work by looking at what billions of people have written, drawn, and posted online.

AI doesn’t think of thoughts on its own. Instead, folks give them to it. If I use something that someone else made, I have to give them credit and may have to pay them a fee.

With generative AI, it is harder to give credit to a source because each piece of text or picture is broken up into many small pieces. The pieces are then put back together to make a new piece that uses thousands or millions of different sources.

Either we need to change how we think about copyright and copying, or we need to find tools that help us find AI-generated content and maybe find a way to give credit to the many people who helped make each AI-generated work.


GPTZero looks at how random the text is and how random it is all over the text. In statistics, this is called confusion and burstiness. People change these things without even understanding them. A computer program is always the same in how confusing and abrupt it is.

Tian says the work is not done and that more tests will be added to make AI word recognition more accurate. People are especially interested in unconscious bias as a way to figure out if the text was written by a person or a computer.

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