Where to Find Tanabe in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth?


The “Like a Dragon” world is full of challenges, tasks, and treasures that can only be found by going on a journey. People who are brave enough to go after Tanabe are said to get even more money. He stands out from the other strange people who live in this realm. There are a lot of puzzles about Tanabe. This detailed guide will help you find him in “Like a Dragon” and get endless money in the game.

The Quest for Tanabe

In “Like a Dragon,” Tanabe is a mysterious person who has something to do with fun and profitable tasks. You have to finish some steps and jobs that are part of the story of the game before you can start this exciting trip.

Quest Navigation

  • Moving through the Chapters: As players move through the main story chapters, Tanabe’s effects become more clear. You can do new things and learn more about Tanabe in each chapter.
  • Talk to non-player characters (NPCs). They help you find hints and signs that are hidden in the game’s big picture. If you talk to NPCs in the game, you might find out important things about Tanabe or get important tasks.

How to Find Tanabe in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

  • You might find clues about where Tanabe is if you finish a side quest or the story behind it and answer the questions that come up. If players pay close attention to what they are told on these quests, they might get closer to the elusive figure.
  • How to Talk to NPCs: As part of side missions, you’ll need to talk to different NPCs. These talks can help you figure out where Tanabe is or how to get in touch with him.

Key Locations to Explore

The Kamurocho area is a fun place with lots of people. This is where Tanabe’s work is often done. There are a lot of places to go and people to talk to to find out important things. There are many places in the big Isezaki Ijincho where Tanabe’s jobs could happen. Write down what makes each area unique, and only go to places that fit with how the story is going.

Tanabe is often connected to money-related tasks, so business is important. It’s very important to know as much as you can about businesses, money, and other places that are connected to the economy. If you talk to business and money NPCs, they may give you tips or point you in the direction of quests that involve Tanabe and his wide range of connections.

How to Find Tanabe in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

Ichiban goes to the beach and sees a group of students buried in the sand. Someone with a camera is close to taking a picture. Another thing that doesn’t look right is the watermelon next to the dead men. Note this down. He is sure that Tanabe is one of the kids who were buried, but he doesn’t know where. After that, he lets Ichiban figure it out on his own. Who are the four kids with the speech bubbles on top of their heads? These people can help you find Tanabe by saying

  • He’s not near a watermelon.
  • He’s not in the row on the left, which is known as “facing the ocean.”
  • If Ichiban turns to face the water, Tanabe is not in the very last row.
  • He’s in the middle of the red and yellow roof.
  • Sato-kun, his friend, is buried next to him.

That is how Ichiban can get to Tanabe-kun. He is facing the ocean and is in the second row from the top. The boy is told by Ichiban that he has a letter. After that, he says he’ll get Tanabe out of the sand so he can read it.

Off To The Coconut Cart

Tanabe is shocked by what the message says when he reads it. Oh yes, Ichiban’s offer to walk her to the coconut juice cart makes her happy. She says hello to Ichiban and gives him Tanabe from the cart. Hitomi asks Tangabe to go on a date, and Tangabe says yes right away. She gets a letter from him, and he shows it to her. He knew the story too and was going to tell Hitomi.

The two of them laugh about how the sand messed up the letter as Hitomi takes it. After that, they thank Ichiban for helping them discover love. Hitomi gives Ichiban a Chain of Courage, and the other story is over. The next story in Substories is called “Samurai, May We Walk Together?”

How to Find Tanabe in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

Wealth Unleashed: Rewards and Benefits

Finding Tanabe in “Like a Dragon” can give you a lot of things, like a lot of money, special items, or the chance to see parts of the game that no one else can. People on the quest will have to fight and deal with problems. They can use the money they earn to make their figures better, buy new gear, or put money into the game.

Playing Tips for Players

  • Discover: Learn as much as you can about every store, building, and area. There may be hints or job triggers about Tanabe in the game world that you can’t see but can use to learn important things.
  • Wait until side quests are over. They know a lot about the people in the game and their lives. Hold on, you have to finish all the side quests before you can learn more about Tanabe’s strange look.
  • Talk to Everyone: NPCs can teach you important things. It’s more likely that players will learn something that will help them get closer to Tanabe if they talk to several NPCs in key spots.
  • Along the way, going back to places where you met NPCs or finished tasks might teach you something new. These things could help the story go better by letting us know where Tanabe is.


Focus, look around, and pay close attention to everything in “Like a Dragon” before you look for Tanabe. Everything found adds to the story and brings players closer to huge amounts of money. The journey takes place in busy places. Explore the busy streets, go on a journey, and look for Tanabe to find the way to unimaginable wealth in “Like a Dragon”!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What specific perks can you look forward to from quests that have to do with Terra?

Tasks that have to do with Tanabe can give you many things, like a lot of in-game cash, rare items, and the chance to see places that no one else can. The player may get different rewards each time, depending on the job and how far they’ve come.

Does Tanabe have work that needs to be done by a certain date?

Tanabe’s quests don’t all have due dates, but some of them may only happen at certain times during the game. Anyone can play the main story and side quests at their own pace.

Can jobs that have to do with Tanabe change the major story?

Most Tanabe-related quests add to the main story by teaching you new things and giving you gifts. The main plot probably won’t change, but some parts of the story might.

Why Do The fights that come with Tanabe’s quests seem pretty tough?

The quest fights with Tanabe are hard based on the player’s level and the gear they have. It’s more likely that you’ll win if you get good gear, level up your characters, and get ready to fight well.

Could Tanabe’s quests be done again to get more things?

Tanabe’s tasks are mostly one-time events with special rewards. Most of the time, you can’t do the same thing twice. To keep getting rewards, players are told to try out new quests and jobs.

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