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 Where to Get The Best Vue.js Developers For Hire: a Step-by-Step Guide for 2021

Where to Get The Best Vue.js Developers For Hire: a Step-by-Step Guide for 2021

Vue.js developers for hire work on the front end of websites and apps, which determines the quality of user experience. Headhunting for experts in this field is a complex process. The recruiters must have an in-depth understanding of the developer’s role in the company, the desired background, expertise, and soft skills.

Follow our guide to hire vue developer in 2021. The following steps will help you find the ideal candidate. This expert will help your business flourish in the digital era.


Where to Find Vue.js Developers for Hire

Companies in need of expertise can find developers in different ways depending on their preferred model of cooperation. Generally, in-house employment is the priciest option, as the candidate will expect the same benefits (both monetary and non-monetary) as the rest of your staff. Here are the pros and cons of each of the possible arrangements.

In-house Development

This model is preferable for large companies that need permanent access to Vue.js developers. The specialists may work remotely or in the office. The biggest downside is the cost, and the local talent pool may also be very limited. It may be impossible to hire Vue.js developer with the required background in your region. You can find candidates via websites like Glassdoor or Toptal or agencies like Kelly Services.

Staff Augmentation

This model will let you fill a skills gap in your team. This is not a permanent arrangement — the developer will become a part of your company for a limited period. They will work as a contractor without the benefits of full-time employment. At the same time, the developer may be just as committed to the project as your team. Staff augmentation works for companies of any size.


Rather than hire Vue developers yourself, you can outsource your entire project to another company that will find developers with the right skills and experience. These providers are also known as outstaffing agencies. Your company can save time, money, and effort on recruitment.

Many offshore locations in Eastern Europe, such as Ukraine, have excellent developers who charge less for their work than their American counterparts. You can find such companies on platforms like Clutch. Learn about the best practices to manage offshore resources here.

Tips for In-house Recruitment

If you decide to hire a Vue developer for your company, start with a clear and detailed plan of action. Each of the following steps requires attention to detail. As HR managers are not proficient in the tech field, they should collaborate with their in-house IT specialists to clarify the requirements and procedures.

Step 1. Build the Ideal Candidate Profile​

For HR managers, understanding the many facets of Vue.js development is often challenging. This includes the role itself, its contribution, and the necessary skills. At the very least, successful candidates know the HTML, JavaScript, and CSS languages. They are also familiar with RESTful API and GIT. You need to hire Vue.js programmer with a profound understanding of different user interfaces and the framework itself. The three key areas of competence are:

  • Coding;
  • Vue.js;
  • Communication.

Step 2. Write a Job Description Based on Skills

After gaining an understanding of the requirements, you will be able to define the necessary skill set. The next step is to create an accurate job description to post the vacancy. Include the following:

  • The position (the exact job title);
  • Summary (your company is unique and what it’s like to work there);
  • Responsibilities (day to day activities included in the role and contribution to the organization);
  • Requirements (what skills are required);
  • Benefits (compensation and benefits).

When describing the skills, divide them into must-haves and desirable extras. The first category includes requirements like in-depth knowledge of “Vuetify”, as this framework speeds up development through the reuse of components. Note that the compensation and benefits package must be competitive enough, so you can attract and retain the brightest talent.

Step 3. Selecting the Ideal Candidate

To compare the applicants, test their practical skills. You could send them a special skills assessment tailored to your business. You can find templates of such sample tests online. Here are a few examples of the questions you could include.

  • To test communication skills: If a non-technical colleague asks you to describe the advantages of using Vue.js, what will you say?
  • To test hard skills: How do you handle events in Vue.js with “myClickHandler”? How do you create an instance of Vue.js?

Step 4. Interview Top Performers

Based on the assessment results, create your shortlist of top performers. Schedule interviews with the most qualified applicants — those who have either met or exceeded the position requirements. The test results will also tell you which types of skills to focus on during your face-to-face interaction.

During the interview, pay special attention to the skills that need development. Treat the process like a relationship-building exercise. Your goal is to get to know the applicant on a deeper level, reveal their motivations and ability to fit in with the in-house team.

Step 5. Making an Offer

Before making an offer, you need to make sure that the candidate can bring sufficient value to your team and the organization. Salaries of developers depend on the location.

These experts are paid between $104,409 to $46,800 per annum, depending on the country. For example, in the UK, the average salary per annum is £48,734. In Switzerland, Vue.js developers get paid $86,916 per year on average.

In the United States, the salaries are the highest. Different websites give different estimations — for example, the average salary is just over $116,500 according to ZipRecruiter, while gives a very different estimate — slightly under $67,000. gives a range between $130,000 and $58,500. The figure depends on the company’s location and the experience and education of the candidate.

The Bottom Line

To find Vue.js Developers for hire, your company needs to choose between a full-time or part-time employee, a contractor that will fill its skills gaps, and outsourcing. Any of these scenarios require an understanding of the necessary education, background, and skill set.


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