Which is the Best Gun in PUBG at Sanhok?


Choosing the right tool for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) can make a big difference in how well you do and, ultimately, how likely you are to win. There are many maps in PUBG, but Sanhok is one of the hardest because of how quickly you have to move around and the thick jungle scenery. You need the right tool to do well in Sanhok. You can read all about the best guns for Sanhok and find out why they work so well in this tropical fight.

To stay alive and do well in PUBG, you need to pick the right guns, especially on maps like Sanhok. The dense forests, small areas, and fierce firefights that happen in this tropical paradise are well known. For Sanhok, you need to be able to fight close up and respond quickly, unlike the big stages like Erangel or Miramar. You can get a big edge over other players if you know which gun to pick. Each tool has pros and cons that depend on how well it works with Sanhok’s rules.

Sanhok’s Unique Challenges

Sanhok is made to speed up the game. The map is 4 km by 4 km, so there will be more enemies and fights will inevitably happen nearby. There are a lot of houses and a lot of plants that make it easy to hide, so ambushes happen a lot. It can be hard to see because it rains and fogs a lot, which makes it even more important to have guns that can be used at medium to close range. These in-game obstacles are important to know about because they change the tools you can use and the way you play. To get through this world and stay one step ahead of your enemies, you need to be skilled and have the right gear.

Criteria for the Best Gun

If you want to get Sanhok the best gun, you should think about a few things. Damage: It’s very important to be able to do a lot of damage quickly. A shot that does a lot of damage can quickly knock out enemies, making it harder for them to fight back. Rate of Fire: A faster rate of fire lets you fire more bullets in less time, which can be very important in close battle. Flexibility: A gun that works well at close range, medium range, and far range is great because it lets you adapt to different battle conditions. You should always be able to use the gun because it should be pretty easy to find on the map. It can be risky to depend on rare weapons.

Top Gun Choices for Sanhok

These are the best guns for Sanhok based on these factors. There are many ways to use the Beryl M762 and it does a lot of damage. People who can handle its power love it. That’s the only place you can get the QBZ-95. It works well overall, dealing good damage and a fair amount of recoil. Vector is an SMG that is known for firing very quickly, which makes it very dangerous up close. A lot of people like the M416 because it is stable and works well at all levels. This means it can be used in most cases. This sniper weapon, the Kar98k, does a lot of damage with each shot when used at a long range.

Which is the Best Gun in PUBG at Sanhok?

Detailed Analysis of Each Gun

Beryl M762

What it does well and what it could do better: The Beryl M762 is known for being able to do a lot of damage and being flexible. Because it has a lot of recoil, some people find it hard to handle. But if you know how to use it right, it can be a very powerful weapon. It can switch between single, burst, and full-auto modes, so it can be used in different kinds of battles. The gun does a lot of damage for how much it costs, so it’s a useful tool. If you know how to use its recoil pattern, it’s easy to win fights at mid-range.

Best for: The Beryl M762 is great for fighting up close to medium range, which makes it perfect for Sanhok’s crowded places. Any enemy, even ones with a lot of defense, can be killed quickly because each shot does a lot of damage. This gun is great for people who like to fight and get into a lot of firefights. The Beryl M762’s stopping power can help you win fights in the woods or when you’re cleaning up schools.


Weaknesses and strengths: You can only get the QBZ-95 from Sanhok. It fires quickly, has a good amount of recoil, and does good damage. It works a little better than the Beryl M762, but it doesn’t hurt as much. This mix makes it a good choice for players who want a gun they can trust but don’t want to learn how to use guns with a lot of recoil quickly. It’s a good choice throughout a match because it always works the same way.

Best for: Players who want an attack weapon that is well-balanced and works well in a number of different situations should get the QBZ-95. While it works best at mid-range, it can also hold its own in close battle. One of the many great things about this gun is that it can be used for a wide range of tasks. Players who have to deal with a lot of different fight situations love it because it can be used in so many ways.


Weaknesses and strengths: The Vector is an SMG, which means it shoots very quickly. This makes it very dangerous to hold close to someone. Each bullet does less damage, but a lot of them can quickly damage all the enemies in the way. It works best with a longer clip because it fires so fast. It is one of the most feared close-range weapons in the game because it shoots so quickly. It can quickly wipe out enemy life bars.

You can use the Vector to fight up close, which is especially useful in Sanhok’s buildings and forests, where there aren’t many open spaces. It works great when you’re being attacked or moving quickly through thick plants. The Vector is the best choice for players who like to fight close up and move quickly and aggressively. It’s great for fast-paced games because it kills enemies quickly.

Which is the Best Gun in PUBG at Sanhok?


This gun, the M416 is one of the best in PUBG because it’s stable and works well at a lot of different locations. When you put the right parts on it, it doesn’t have much recoil, so it’s easy to handle in sustained fire. There are a lot of players who keep this gun because they know it works and is easy to use. It works well in a lot of different types of battles, from close quarters to farther away.

Situations Where It Works Best: The M416 is a flexible weapon that can be used in almost any Sanhok fight. The M416 is a good choice because it is reliable whether you want to fight enemies close up or at a middle distance. People who like to change their plans at the last minute will love this tool. You can handle anything the game throws at you because it always works the same way. It’s a good choice for any match because of this.


One of the Kar98k’s best features is that each shot does a lot of damage. It is a bolt-action sniper rifle. One hit to the head is enough to kill an enemy, even if they have a level 2 helmet on. On the other hand, the bolt action and slow rate of fire make it less useful for close combat. Some players like the Kar98k because it is powerful and accurate at long range. Being able to hit hard with your strikes can quickly change how a fight goes.

When to Use It: The Kar98k works best at medium to long range, where it lets you kill enemies without getting too close. To be useful in all kinds of battles in Sanhok, it works best when paired with a strong close-range weapon. People who like to play by the rules, set up ambushes, and kill important targets from afar will love this sniper gun. In the right hands, it’s a strong weapon because it does a lot of damage.


In PUBG, what makes a gun the best for Sanhok is how much damage it does, how fast it shoots, how many ways it can be used, and how easy it is to get. The Beryl M762 and QBZ-95 stand out because they can handle the special conditions in Sanhok. At the moment, the Vector is best for close fighting, the M416 is stable and adaptable, and the Kar98k is best for long-range battles.

The pros and cons of these top picks will help you get ready for the fast-paced, close-quarters fighting that makes Sanhok what it is. Every one of these tools is good at different things and can be used in different ways. That way, you’ll be ready for any battle on the field. If you have the right weapon, you can face the challenges of Sanhok with courage and increase your chances of winning.

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