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Why Do JavaScript Enthusiasts Consider Vue.js For Real-Time Web App Development?

Why Do JavaScript Enthusiasts Consider Vue.js For Real-Time Web App Development?

The number of websites using Vue.js among the top 1 million sites on the Internet is on a steady rise.

It has 201k stars on Github.

That’s more than the stars that other Javascript frameworks, like React and Angular, have.

It is also the 5th most popular web framework as per the Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2022.

With that, it is safe to say that Vue.js is one of the most popular frameworks for front-end development.

And what was built as a makeshift solution for fast prototyping by Google’s Evan You, has now become a go-to solution for building complex, scalable, and reactive web applications.

But why is Vue.js so popular?

What sets it apart from other options in the market?

What are its most ideal use cases?

When should you not use Vue.js for your projects?

Find answers to all that and more below.

What is Vue.js?

Notable for its incremental adoption-centered design philosophy for web development, Vue.js is a JavaScript framework that is often dubbed the “progressive framework”.

It is used to build single-page applications and user interfaces. Designed by Evan You, this open-source framework was first released in 2014. And in less than a decade it has amassed a huge following of advocates.

Now, unlike expectations, Vue.js is not exactly filled to the brim with new and exclusive features.

In fact, it was developed by taking out the best parts of Angular, but in the form of a considerably lightweight framework. However, in today’s time, when everything is so complex, it is the simplicity of Vue.js, which makes it a much-loved choice.

Let’s check out the top advantages of Vue.js that make it a top choice for real-time web app development.

Advantages of Vue.js

Ease of integration

What would you do if you want to Vue.js and then also integrate React.js into your web application?

Or what if you already have a web app, built using some other JavaScript framework where you want to add Vue.js components?

Well, that’s simple to do. With Vue.js integrations.

Simple to understand

Vue.js has a well-defined architecture for storing your data. That makes it extremely easy to understand. And so is its structure. Plus, Vue.js also has some additional features like observers, directives, and computed properties, which further simplify the process of web application development.

Great ecosystem

The focus of Vue.js is only on the view layer. But that doesn’t mean you have to spend time looking for ways to do everything else.

There is a well-defined, highly-customizable, and scalable Vue.js ecosystem right to yoru rescue.

It includes

Together, they make it possible for JavaScript developers to speed up the web app development process.

With an excellent development speed and scope for integration with other projects, Vue.js becomes a top choice.


Vue.js lets developers write templates in HTML, in in-framework JavaScript, or using pure JS combined with virtual nodes.

This flexibility is another great advantage of Vue.js.

Not just that, Vue.js developers also have the flexibility to work with CSS processors, type checking tools (like Typescript), and templating engines.

Two-way communication

Vue.js has been created by taking the best assets of Angular, so obviously the two are very similar. Thus, like Angular, it is easy to process HTML block in Vue also.

This is facilitated by the MVVM architecture.

Vue.js’ data binding ensures that changes by the developers to the UI are reflected in the database. And database changes are reflected in the UI.

This makes Vue.js different, and in some ways better than other frameworks of JavaScript like React, which allow only one-way communication.

Proper documentation

No matter how great a technology, language or framework is, it would be impossible to use without proper documentation.

Thankfully, for Vue.js a lot of detailed documentation is available. And it is being constantly enhanced and improved.

You have everything from simple introductory guides to excellent overviews of its APIs, and text and video-based tutorials for understanding, learning, and implementing the Vue.js framework for modern web app development in real-time.

Robust community

Vue.js might not be very old and established, but it does have a strong supporting community.

The community ensures that new code contributions keep happening, making Vue.js richer as a framework.

Also, if you have any issues, you can reach out to the community and get resolutions in as fast as 6 hours.

When is Vue.js the ideal choice?

The inherent advantages of Vue.js make it an ideal choice for real-time web app development where you need:

  1. Higher focus on the app’s performance and smartness.
  2. To release the application on the market quickly.
  3. A small and lightweight application.

While you can definitely try your hands at Vue.js for building any kind of web application, these use cases are likely to yield the best of the best results for you.

When to not use Vue.js?

While JavaScript experts swear by Vue.js for some use cases, it is best to consider alternatives in the following situations:

  1. When you have an extensive project. Vue.js is relatively new in the market. Other JS frameworks have been around for longer and thus, their overall effectiveness and utility have been studied and proven. Thus, Vue isn’t the best choice here.
  2. If you haven’t found seasoned developers. Vue.js is a relatively new framework. Thus, you might not find a lot of seasoned developers. Unless you do find one, don’t let beginners use Vue.js for your project without expert support.

Why has Vue.js become the first choice of JavaScript enthusiasts?

While the broad range of features are the key reason why JavaScript enthusiasts prefer Vue.js for real-time web app development, that’s not all.

Two other reasons include:

Trusted by marketing leaders

There is not just one but plenty of websites using Vue.js. And these also include some of the market leaders like –

You can check out more sites built with Vue.js here.

Being trusted by Vue.js instill more trust in JS developers to use Vue for their own projects as well.

Regular updates

Vue.js doesn’t have fixed release cycles. However, Patch releases are done as and when necessary. And minor updates also typically include a few new features and are rolled in 2-3 months.

This ensures that your web app will get the best possible functionality and form with regularly updated Vue.js features.

Bottom Line

Now that you have understood what makes Vue.js the number choice for JavaScript enthusiasts, it is time you start leveraging it too.

You can hire a java developer from India who has expertise in Vue.js for your next web solutions project and reap great benefits.

Further, hiring Vue.js developers from India will also help you gain a comparative cost advantage as opposed to hiring developers from the West.

Accessibility, affordability, a higher level of skill, and time zone advantage make Indian talent the best way to fuel your growth with Vue.js. So don’t wait up anymore. Get started today.

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