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 Why Is My Phone Charging Slow

Why Is My Phone Charging Slow

 Why Is My Phone Charging Slow? The most common problem so many people are facing. There are several reasons for this problem. Some of them are effective and some not? but, I am going to share the effective reasons with solutions with you. So, that you could easily solve this issue. And enjoy your phone more. The purpose of this article is to share every prospectus of having why my phone is slow. 

This article is going to cover prospects from weak power sources to factory data reset with wrong accessories. Confused? Yeah, these are the solutions to the problems are below. Read the full article for detailed information. 

Why Is My Phone Charging Slow

In today’s era, every one of us is busy. Even, we do not have that much time to charge our phones? That’s why the companies are focusing on the charging of phones. There is nothing without a phone. Life becomes complete if you do not have a phone or your phone is not charged. It seems like a major part of life is missing somewhere. 

I have shared every problem with solutions in detail. You just have to follow the instructions carefully and check whether your phone is facing this or not? So, to repair it by solving the problem. 

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Check Your Cable Operator

This is a major reason why your smartphone is not charging it may take longer to charge. because if your cable is not in good condition then how could charge the phone properly? Sometimes, when you are in hurry! you might keep your cable on trips, step on them, tangle them off through them in their bag and so on. like if there are any ripes, bends, scratches or damage may be culprits. your phone is not charging or charging so slow. Then,

you just check your cable by connecting your phone to another cable. if, your phone is getting charged with another cable. then there is a cable issue if it is still not getting charged with another cable to then there are so many reasons. why your phone is not getting charged? which I am going to discuss below you can go through them and if the cable is the problem. then, the only solution to this issue is simply buying a new cable.

Check Your Adaptor?

The same goes with the adaptor, the adaptor is an accessory that plugs into the wall. Which plays an important role in the terms of charging a phone. you can check by connecting your cable to any other adaptor. if it started charging your phone correctly then there might be an adaptor issue. you can buy a new adaptor to solve this issue. if still, this is not an issue then check other problems and solutions.

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Charging Ports?

Maybe your phone is the issue, and one of the most common reasons. for low battery charging the something as simple as a dirty smartphone charging port. you can check it 

the most common reason for smartphones not getting charged is charging ports. which means your phone is unable to connect properly. if you have noticed, your phone Become loose when you connect to the cable or there is any sign of corrosion. which means there is a charging port problem. it might be possible of having dirt or any debris is in it. to clean it out with compressed air or a small brush. But, you have to be very careful before doing this. Or you can go to the nearest shop. 

Weak Power Source:

Sometimes while working people connect their phones. to laptops, portable batteries, cars and power strips or any other outlet. Which is a weak power source. because these might not have the necessary juice to charge up your device in a timely fashion. 

if you want to charge your phone speedily. Then, use wall charging which is a good power source and increase your charging speed. 

weak power source

The Battery Could Be An Issue:

There might be a possibility that your battery is getting old. which when we use fonts for so long or go through many cycles, use them heavily and let them run hot. which directly causes the working of the battery. That means you are using your phone for so long. the battery becomes older. and decrease their working capacity as the newer ones. if this is an issue then you have to change your phone or go to the local store to check if there is any other solution

Wrong Charging Accessories

Everyone has their different capacities of charging. Such as some charge very fastly and some take too much time to charge. this Could be a reason if you have changed your adaptor on the data cable to a much higher energy or lower energy. Let me give you an example:

if I have a phone which does not have a fast charging feature. and I am connecting the same to the very fast charging system which means. I am not going to charge my phone faster or even at the same speed. The same goes for fast charging phones if I will connect them to the lower charging accessories. then, how could I expect them to charge faster.

 Before, Changing accessories make sure that goes to your phone properly

Factory Data Reset: 

This is a process that will make your phone’s software air like you first turn it on. it might increase your charging speed if there is something with your software. this could be a good decision to do so. 

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Sometimes apps and phone processors take so much on your phone’s resources. which decreases the phone speed as well as the charging speed. if this does not increase your charging speed then the fault must be in the hardware. which you can check by going to the nearest Store

I hope, this article is helpful for you. if you have something related to share with us and our viewers. Feel free to reach us in the comment section

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