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 Windows 11 Performance on Intel Core I 9 12900K In Mid-2022

Windows 11 Performance on Intel Core I 9 12900K In Mid-2022

Windows 11 Performance on Intel Core I 9, most of the Intel i9 family of core CPUs are supported by Windows 11. On its website, Microsoft has provided a list of CPUs that are backwards compatible. Intel i9 CPUs currently on the market are tested for compatibility with Windows 11 and the Intel i9 processor family.

A total of 34 i9 core CPUs are documented on Intel’s website. There is no mention of the X series processors in this list. A compatibility list for Windows 11 is provided, which includes the X series of processors.

Windows 11 compatible i9 12th generation CPUs

i9 12th generation processors have nine cores. Windows 11 is compatible with two of these i9 12th generation processors.

I9-12900K from Intel

I9-12900KF from Intel

A total of seven different CPU models are available. As of 17 January 2022, these processors are not included in Microsoft’s list of supported processors. I9 12th generation processors aren’t compatible with Windows 11 at first glance. Nevertheless, we believe that Windows 11 testing on these chips was inadequate. On the Intel Core i9-12900TE, the following seven i9 12th generation processors are not included. 

intel Raptor Lake


Core i9-12900E Processor by Intel

i9-12900H processor from Intel Processor

The Intel® CoreTM i9-12900HK is a high-performance desktop processor.

Core i9-12900F Processor from Intel.

Core i9-12900T Processor by Intel

The Intel i9 12th generation of core processors may be worth trying for Windows 11 on these seven processors. It’s also a good idea to check the Microsoft compatibility page for changes on the list of processors that are compatible with Windows 11 on a regular basis.

Windows 11 compatible Intel i9 11th generation processors

The Intel i9 family of 11th generation processors currently includes eight processors. All of Intel’s i9 11th-generation processors are Windows 11 compatible. 

Windows 11 is compatible with the following Intel Core i9 11th generation processors:

Computer with the chipset model number I9-11900

The Intel i9-11900F

It has an Intel i9-11900T processor.

This processor is from Intel and is designated as model number I9-11900KF.

Processor: Intel i9-11900K (Kaby Lake)

Athlon 64 X2 7820

i9-11980HK from Intel

The Intel i9-11900H

For updates on new processors or the growth of the list of Windows 11-compliant processors, you can check Intel and Microsoft’s respective websites.

i9 10th generation processors that are compatible with Windows 11

There are a total of ten processors in the i9 10th generation. As of this writing, all i9 10th generation processors are supported with Windows 11. 

Windows 11 is compatible with the following Intel Core i9 processors from the 10th generation:

The Intel i9-10900T processor

One of the most powerful Intel processors ever made

The Intel i9-10900F.

Intel i9-10900KF.

The Intel i9-10900K processor.

It is powered by the Intel i9-10980HK processor.

Athlon 64 X2 5820

It has an Intel i9-10900TE processor

The Intel i9-10900E

The Intel i9-10850K

Windows 11 Performance on Intel Core I 9

Additionally, there are four other processors in the 10th generation X series that are not publicly available. Windows 11 is compatible with all of these 10th generation X series processors. Enhance your computing experience with Intel X series processors. Overclocking is also supported by these processors.

Intel Graphics Card with ACM-G10

Support for Windows 11 is available on four Intel 10th-generation X processors:

I9-10900X by Intel

I9-10920X from Intel

I9-10940X from Intel

Athlon 64 X2 5820

These CPUs and computers may have come with the Windows 10 operating system. The official channels of Windows Update should automatically update Windows 10 to Windows 11. That should also imply that you won’t have to worry about missing any of the next Windows 11 security, cumulative, or monthly rollup upgrades.

Windows 11 compatible Intel i9 9th generation processors

Intel’s 9th generation processors are divided into six “mainstream” models, and five “x” models. Windows 11 is supported by all of these. The six Intel i9 9th generation CPUs that are compatible with Windows 11 are: i9-9900K i9-9900KF

i9-9900T \si9-9900 \si9-9880H \si9-9980HK

In addition, there are five X series 9th generation processors that are compatible with Windows 11. For your convenience, we’ve listed the following processors:

i9-9820X \si9-9920X \si9-9940X \si9-9960X \si9-9980XE

In terms of gaming performance, the X series of processors is head and shoulders above the competition. Processor heavy jobs that require a lot of processing time and power might also benefit from these processors.

Windows 11-ready Intel i9 8th generation processors

As of today, just one Intel i9 8th generation processor is compatible with Windows 11 and currently available. These Intel i9 8th generation processors are compatible with Windows 11:

Athlon 64 X2 7820

Summary Windows 11 Performance on Intel Core I 9 

On this page, you’ll find a comprehensive list of Intel i9 CPUs that work with Windows 11 and receive updates for it. Using these systems, you’ll be able to keep up with Windows security updates, monthly rollup updates, and other periodic maintenance through the Windows Update programme.

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Intel announces i9-12900KS


Q1: Is Intel better with Windows 11 than AMD?

The Intel Core i7-12700K scored 9280 points in the CPU-Multi Z’s Thread test in Windows 10, and 9300 points in Windows 11 when tested. Again, the performance change is negligible, at most a mere 0.2 percent.

Q2: Is it true that Windows 11 has slowed everything down?

There are a number of factors that contribute to Windows 11’s improved performance, but the most important one is how the newer OS handles system processes that you see in Task Manager. As stated by Microsoft, Windows 11 prioritises the app windows that you have open and running in your foreground above the rest of your system’s memory.

Q3: Is it compulsory to have windows 11?

It is possible to increase the amount of processing power that Windows 11 can handle.

Only 8th generation Intel CPUs (and a few 7th generation Intel processors) are supported by Windows 11, and the company plans to stop supporting older chips in the near future.

Q4: How fast of a computer do I need to run Windows 11?

Windows 11 can only be installed or upgraded if the following hardware specifications are met: Processor: A 64-bit processor or system on a chip running at 1 GHz or above and with two or more cores is required (SoC). More than four gigabytes of RAM (GB)

Q5: How does Windows 11 fare?

Microsoft claims that Windows 11 is the best version of Windows for PC gamers. DirectX 12 Ultimate, Auto HDR, and Direct Storage are just a few of the perks that come with it. The new features aren’t available in many games now, but they’re likely to appear in the next several years.

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