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 The Attractive Interface With Exclusive Apps Included in Wishlist for iOS16

The Attractive Interface With Exclusive Apps Included in Wishlist for iOS16

Wishlist for iOS16

The 2022 Worldwide Developers Conference, one of the most important Apple events of the year, is little over a week away. This year, we’ve heard very little about Wishlist for iOS16, so we’re in for a big surprise on June 6? While we wait for Apple’s presentation, we thought we’d share some of our readers’ Wishlist for iOS16 wishlist items, because, well, you never know. It’s possible that iOS will have some of these capabilities in the next generation. Every single item in this list was sourced from the MacRumors iOS 16 discussion.

Ios16 wishlist


  • Icon placement on the Home screen can now be customized more precisely.
  • The ability to hide or move the dock
  • Additional apps can be added to the dock.
  • Lock screen clock that never goes out of time
  • Replace the Camera and Flashlight with customizable quick launch buttons.
  • Icons for dark mode
  • iPhone with two-screen split mode
  • A list of the apps you’ve lately utilized.
  • Percentage in the status bar
  • There is theme support as well as a theme marketplace.
  • A Control Panel with Widgets
  • Widgets for the lock screen
  • Live widgets that can be manipulated
  • Third-party programs can use the Control Center API.


  • Delete all alerts by using the Clear All Button button.
  • LED notifications with visual cues
  • Notifications similar to those found in Mac browsers
  • Notifications can be snoozed.
  • When a user reads a notification on one of their devices, the notification appears on all of their devices.


  • Planned SMS messages in Messages
  • Sending and receiving messages on the RCS platform is now possible.
  • Recipient notifications and a typing indicator for group chat messages
  • To erase all of the attachments in your messages.
  • Messages can now be edited.
  • Using Mail’s scheduled send and snooze features
  • Setting the music app’s equaliser to your taste
  • Location sharing in Find is not precise. My
  • History of my current location
  • It’s possible to use the HomeKit guest mode.
  • Setting submenus for third-party programmes and a more organised interface
  • Prevent a photo from being shared across all of your devices by choosing this option
  • Miscellaneous
  • Each SIM card has its own set of ringtones.
  • Apple Card users deserve better budgeting capabilities.
  • Latching of a folder or an app
  • Instead of using CAPTCHAs, use Face ID authentication.
  • Haptic feedback on the standard keyboard
  • Possibility to communicate the current focus status (working, sleeping, etc)
  • The iPad version
  • Calculator software
  • The weather app
  • The ability to run two distinct applications at the same time
  • The ability to accommodate several users at once.
  • Assumptions about the Situation

Early versions of iOS have leaked in the past, giving us a sense of what to expect. This year, that isn’t the case, and we just have a few hints about what might be in Wishlist for iOS16.

Ios16 wishlist

The lack of a typical notch on the iPhone 14 Pro versions implies that we could see some modest design modifications, and there are reports concerning enhancements to the Health app, such as a drug management tool.

Notification enhancements, including emergency satellite messaging and updates relating to car crash detection, are in the works, according to a statement. It’s possible that iPad OS 16 may have new multitasking capabilities and support for Apple’s upcoming services, such as a hardware subscription service.

Our iOS 16 roundup has a few more details on what to expect.

The iPhone’s existing Home app is starting to seem a little stale. The Home app doesn’t seem to be able to keep up with my growing number of HomeKit devices. The concept of rooms in HomeKit is a good one, but access to them is abysmal. You must adjust the method you access the rooms if Apple intends to keep them around (and they should, especially for Siri access). The Home app should be able to show you nearby devices based on where you’re standing in relation to a HomePod mini or an Apple TV.

Apple’s new iCloud+ service allows for infinite HomeKit Cameras, which means that the Home app needs to be reworked to incorporate them properly. Adding more than a few cameras to the list of HomeKit devices results in a scrolling list. HomeKit cameras from HomeCam strike the perfect balance between ease of use and usefulness. It may be time for Apple to create a separate HomeKitCam app for cameras. Both the iPhone and iPad apps could use a facelift. As a HomeKit wall mount, the Home app is a little boring. A lot of room for Apple to innovate here to make it a real use case.

Continuous recording

For wired HomeKit cameras, I’d like to see the option for continuous recording expanded by Apple. For battery-powered HomeKit cameras, it doesn’t make sense to record 24/7 as it would drain the battery. However, with wired cameras, I’d prefer the option to record everything at all times, even if it was a feature only available on the $9.99/month plan. The moment has come for continuous filming, especially with the release of Eve’s first outdoor floodlight camera.

Fine-grained sharing based on the gadget or the room

There isn’t much granularity in HomeKit access sharing except for cameras. Would it be possible for me to keep the HomeKit thermostat out of the hands of my children? That is not possible at this time. Ideally, I’d like to be able to grant or deny access to specific rooms or devices.

Ios16 wishlist

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Q1: When will iOS 16 be available for my iPhone?

Apple is expected to release iOS 16 for the iPhone XS, XR, X, 8, and 7 series in the near future. Both the iPhone SE 2020 and the iPhone SE 2022 will be updated to iOS 16. Following the release of iOS 15, it is possible that Apple will discontinue support for the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, and iPhone SE (2016).

Q2: Is the iPhone 7 going to get iOS 16 or not?

Additionally, the iPhone 14 series will ship with the new software already installed. In the near future, Apple is likely to release iOS 16 for all of the iPhone XS, XR, X, 8, 8, and 7 models. The new iOS 16 upgrade will also be available for the iPhone SE 2020 and iPhone SE 2022.

Q3: What new features can we expect in iOS 16?

According to them, iOS 16 will offer “pretty major changes across the board, including an update to notifications and new health-tracking features,” as well as new apps and new methods of interfacing with the phone.

Q4: Is iOS 15 Coming to the iPhone 7?

Apple’s latest iOS 15 operating system is backwards-compatible with older models, including those from the iPhone 12 series, as well as those from the new iPhone 13 series, as well as the older models of the 11 and 12 series.

Q5: Will iOS 17 be released for the iPhone 7?

As a result, iOS 17 will be available for the iPhone 7 soon.

Q6: Do I have to turn on Wishlist for iOS16 every time I use the app?

A frame rate range of 10Hz to 120Hz is now available with Apple’s ProMotion technology, which was first introduced in the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Max. Even while viewing a static image or when the gadget is inactive, Apple’s display technology does not go as low as 1Hz as Samsung devices.

Q7: Does Apple plan to discontinue the iPhone?

Here’s what we know about the situation. The iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, HomePod, iMac Pro, and iPad Pro were all dropped from Apple’s product line last year in 2021. This California-based company is planning to release new items in the fall of 2022.

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