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 Wordle 358 for June 12: Rest or move on or near the surface of a liquid without sinking

Wordle 358 for June 12: Rest or move on or near the surface of a liquid without sinking

Wordle 358 June 12. Thank you for waking up, Wordle crew. A new word puzzle is available each day, and we’ve got the answer for Wordle 358, which was released on June 12.

Wordle 358’s answer is at the conclusion of this article, so if you’d rather skip to the end, you can do so. If you’d prefer to figure out Wordle’s solution on your own, this article will provide some background information and ideas to get you started.

Wordle Hints

Engineer Josh Wardle originally invented Wordle as a gift for his partner, but it quickly swept over the world. Wordle variations inspired by the original have been produced by fans and are now being played by tens of thousands of people every day all over the world.

Squabble, Heardle, and variants like Dordle and Quordle are all included in this category of games that require you to predict many words at once.

Wordle Hints

TikTok producers have even begun livestreaming themselves playing the word puzzle game when it became so popular.

Is this not the day that you’re looking for? Here’s the Wordle solution for June 11th. Enjoy!

Start with what’s best for your next Wordle.

When it comes to choosing a starting word for Wordle, go with something that makes you smile. However, if you prefer a more analytical approach rather than an emotive one, we’ve got some suggestions for you. A few suggestions include including at least two different vowels and a few common consonants like S, T, R, or N in the title of your piece of writing.

Wordle’s archive has been lost.

There are times when one Wordle a day just isn’t enough. New York Times that the archive be taken down, according to the site. Previously, you could play through all of the archived riddles. It seems like Wordle is getting more difficult. For those who find Wordle too easy, there is a “Hard Mode” option that can be used. Unless you turn on this feature, however, Wordle will not become more difficult.

How come some days there are two Wordle answers?

Wordle answers are frequently like the main character in Highlander: there is only one. However, the puzzle game will occasionally accept two different right solutions on the same day, thus defying Wordle rule. The New York Times acquired Wordle early this year and made some changes, which are the cause of this anomaly.

Today’s Wordle has been given a veiled hint:

Verb and noun in one.

The five-letter word on Wordle today begins with…

F is the letter of the month for the June 12 Wordle.

What is today’s Wordle answer?


The Answer is: FLOAT.

Wordle Hints

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Q1: How do you go about creating a Wordle app?

All you need is a mobile web browser such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Firefox. These apps can be found on Google Play, however Chrome is already pre-installed on the majority of Android devices. (Although we’ve only tested these three browsers, other browsers may function.

Q2: How do I get Wordle games on my computer?

Step 1: Go to the Wordle website using a web browser on your Windows computer (we used Chrome).

Step2: In the context menu that appears, select “Save As” from the “File” drop-down option.

Step 3: A Windows dialogue box will appear, allowing you to save the game in any location of your choosing.

Q3: Is Wordle a free game?

Even though Wordle is free, there are no annoying advertising to distract you. And it’s so simple that it won’t even use up any of your data allowance, so you can play the Wordle game app without fear of overspending.

Q4: Is there a free Wordle app?

You can play Wordle without having to download anything because it’s a web-based game rather than an app. You can find it on the Power Language website. Wordle is unique in that there is no cost associated with using it, which makes it stand out from other popular online games.

Q5: Which Wordle app is the most popular?

Over 300,000 individuals play Wordle every day, according to the New York Times. Wordle is no longer a mobile app. It can also only be accessed through a web page in a browser to be played online. It doesn’t matter which one of the many popular web browsers you use for this.

Q6: Does Wordle have an official app?

Right now, neither the Apple App Store nor the Google Play Store offer an app for Josh Wardle’s wildly popular Wordle game

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