If you’ve spent some time playing World of Warcraft Classic, then you know how difficult it was to boost your character up to 58. There was a bit of time and a lot of work. However, if you’ve managed to do so, your next goal is set to leveling up to 60. To get ready for WoW Burning Crusade, I’ve made a short guide on how to level up your boosted character to 60 quickly.  If you are looking for a quickest character leveling boost in World of Warcraft, try out WoW Powerleveling services by Leprestore.com

After you’ve chosen your character among Horde or Alliance faction, you should boost it up as much as possible. If you are still not on level 58, here is how to boost it fast.

The question is how to choose the class to boost and the best strategies to prepare for the Outlands. Since WoW Burning Crusade pre-patch is already there, you can upgrade your character to level 58 by purchasing a one-time boost in the game in-shop. 

You can boost any new or existing character as long as it exists in the Burning Crusade Realm. However, you can boost only one character per account, so choose carefully!

Who is this guide for?

If you never played World of Warcraft Classic but wish to play Burning Crusade Classic, this short guide will be beneficial. If you played only one character in WoW Classic, but you never maxed it out, again, you will have a chance to catch a few valuable tips. Also, if you’ve played WoW Classic long ago, it won’t hurt to remember some things and max out your character before Burning Crusade Classic comes out.

Here, you will be explained how to boost your character without too much support. Also, it will prepare you for the Burning Crusade Classic.

So, sit tight, and let’s start.

Preparing for the Burning Crusade Classic

With a Burning Crusade pre-patch, some things related to leveling up your character have changed. Experience you needed to reach level 60 decreased by around 15%, while all the quests over 30th level worth more. Meaning you can get to level 60 faster than before. If you didn’t have many friends to play with, luckily, the number of co-op quests necessary for reaching level 60 reduced, and now you can play solo more. Do not expect an easy journey, but definitely a more pleasant one.

Once you reach level 58, you’ll be given some gold, complete equipment, the riding profession, and a companion. However, your armor will be weak, which might be the first thing you want to fix. Going from level 58 to 60 will be more challenging than leveling up to 58 in the first place. Yet, do not give up! It’s not impossible.

The decision you need to make is which talent you want to keep or dismiss. The first thing to decide is if you’re going to go to Burning Crusade as a tank, healer, or DPS, and from there, build all the other decisions related to talents.


How to level a boosted character from 58 to 60

As mentioned, once you reach level 58, you will get many things, but it won’t be easy to level up. As an MMORPG game, WoW Classic gives you many options to level up your character. You can choose based on your playing style which way to go. You can level up in PvP (player versus player) style, dungeons with other players, or entirely alone. It’s up to you. I’ll present you just a couple of options that are, in my opinion, the best.

How to level up with PvP

The fastest way to go two levels up is definitely direct combat. If you enjoy battling other players and being a warrior, this way will suit you the most. By going PvP, you will earn some Honor Points you can use to buy new armor and new weapons. You will enter Burning Crusade with an equipped and maxed-out character. Is there a better way to start your new journey?

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How to level up from 58-60 in Dungeons

If you ever wanted to go to dungeons, you know you need your fellows for that. And while it can be tough to find someone to join you in the battle regularly, right when the new WoW is coming out, it became much easier. Since everyone is looking to level up their character, all those people who prefer joining others over combating them will be your allies in this fight. There is a new feature called “Looking for a Group.” Instead of calling everyone you know and begging them to join you, you can find your own group among WoW Classic players anywhere. If you go to the Dungeons, you can go through Stratholme, to Scholomance, to Dire Maul. The Dire Maul might be the ideal place you want to find yourself in the Burning Crusade.

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Leveling up from 58-60 through quests

If you cannot find a group despite all of your efforts or simply prefer to play alone, going through quests is a way for you to level up. All the quests above level 30 worth more in the pre-patch, so even though this way is a complete struggle, you might still be in time and level up for Burning Crusade. Choose the right weapon, the proper armor, and start.

Here are a couple of quests suggestions coming from other players.

  1. Head into Un’Goro Crater and go northwest till Silitus
  2. Head over to Eastern Plaguelands
  3. For the end, you can enter the calmer zone of WoW, Winterspring, and finalize your journey
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Once you reach level 60, before starting your new journey in the Burning Crusade Classic, you might want to do some of the following things (assuming you didn’t already do it).

  1. Level up your profession
  2. Visit trainer and make sure your skills are in order
  3. Get bigger bags
  4. Replace an armor
  5. Buy or make food and drinks
  6. Join an active guild
  7. Take First Aid and some bandages.

Now, you are fully ready to head through the Dark Portal. Good luck!

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