What Are the Predictions About Xbox Elite Controller Series 3 Specs Release Date and Price?


Most players want to know, “When might the Xbox Elite Controller Series 3 come out?” After the success of the Xbox series, which includes the Elite Series 2, the company’s leaders will definitely keep creating and improving this line of products. We tried to find out as much as we could about the new Xbox Elite Controller Series 3.

Xbox Elite Series 3 Controller

Fans were excited about the Xbox Elite Series 3 controller because the Elite Series 2 controller had such a big impact on Xbox games in general. Since the Xbox 360, the Xbox mouse has been thought of as one of the best game controllers ever, and the Xbox Elite Series 2 is the best version of this design.

Even though the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller is one of the best for consoles, even better than Sony’s DualSense controls, it’s time for an update. Even though the Xbox Elite Series 3 has been talked about a lot, not much is known about it right now.

Xbox Elite controller Series 3, release date, price and specs

Microsoft is keeping its cards close to its chest right now. This makes us wonder if the company will do what it usually does and release new versions of the core controls without telling anyone.

But we all know that when it comes to tech, like Call of Duty games, fans can’t get enough of what’s new and better. Because the Elite Series 2 keyboard is almost four years old, Microsoft’s silence is scary. Surely, a Series 3 Elite will be coming out soon?
Will a new Elite item be added?

Yes, it’s very possible that this will happen. Microsoft is always improving and updating its product lines. But unlike Apple and other similar companies, they don’t usually update their gear every year unless it’s a laptop.

What Can Be Expected from a New Xbox Elite Series?

Here is a list of things that people would like to see changed in the new Xbox Elite Series.

Customizable Faceplates With Controllers Themes

You can change a lot about the Xbox Elite line, but this doesn’t change how it looks from the outside. A few of the copies in the collector’s version are different. For example, the edges of the SCUF controllers for Xbox have magnets.

So, the gamer can easily change the way their device looks. It would be nice if the Microsoft private manager had this choice. Since many parts of the Xbox Elite are already magnetic, adding these magnetic replacement panels won’t cost much or change how things are made.

Users will like being able to do things like change the cover of their gamepad when new games come out. This will make them less envious of people who can buy a new limited form.

Xbox Design Lab Integration

The designers of Elite 3 could have made the gamepad even more adjustable by adding a Design Lab feature that lets the user change the color of almost every part of the device.

This is a lot of work, especially considering how complicated the controller is, but since people are paying so much for it, they should have as many choices as possible to make it their own.

Additional Audio Features

A lot of Astro and Turtle Beach speakers on the market have extra sound settings. Why not also put these functions on the gamepads? So, these things are already being used in this way.

Xbox Elite controller Series 3, release date, price and specs

The “Superhuman Hearing” mode from the headphones is now on the Turtle Beach Recon controller. A button lets you switch between the mixer’s modes. Microsoft should have put this feature on the Elite Controller Series 3, and maybe even made it work with both new and old Xbox speakers.

Analog Stick Modules That Can Be Swapped

You can also change the game sticks to make the controls feel more like you. When the Xbox MGL controller came out, some of its parts could be changed. The person could move the cross, joysticks, and buttons around on the device until they were in the best place for them.

Elite 3 could also have this happen. Most games work best when the sticks are set up in an uneven way, but sometimes the PlayStation choice is better. This is very helpful for people who play games on both platforms.

Quality is Now Much Better

Even though Microsoft’s new Elite Controller Series 3 is very popular, users are ready to give the company time to fix problems with how it is made. Even the Elite Series 2 controllers, which came out four years after the Series 1 controllers, have bugs like others.

Something should be good if it costs this much. Players hope that when Series 3 comes out, the buildings will be good. People who are thinking about buying an Xbox Elite series 3 should also think about how much it weighs.

What would it mean if it only weighed half as much? The device would get better, and people would be less worried about using it. Also, the battery, which should last at least 40 hours on a single charge, is something that could be made better.

What Are the Rumors About the Release Date of the Xbox Elite Controller Series 3?

No date has been set for when the Xbox Elite Controller Series 3 will be out. Even though it’s been out for almost three years, the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 is still the best controller you can buy. Even though it’s been a long time, we still haven’t heard anything about the Elite Series 3.

Xbox Elite controller Series 3, release date, price and specs

In 2019, about four years after the first version came out, the second version of the Elite Controller came out. Since the Elite Series 3 is now in its third year, we should hear more about it around the same time next year.

Predictions About Xbox Elite Controller Series 3 Specs Release Date and Price

Even though the Xbox Elite Series X and S came out a year ago, there is now a third console on the market: the Sony DualSense Edge. Microsoft’s leaders haven’t said when the new device might be ready. So, let’s look at when the other Xbox controllers came out to see if there are any trends.

  • The Xbox Elite Series 1 came out on October 1, 2015.
  • The Xbox Elite Series 2 had come out on November 4, 2019.

If Microsoft keeps to its plans, the Xbox Elite Controller Series 3 will come out in November 2023. November is when most of the big computer games come out. Since Microsoft won’t be putting out a new system this year, the biggest news from this company will be the new best controller.

Xbox Elite controller Series 3, release date, price and specs

We will all be looking for that and waiting. Some people also think that the prices of the Xbox Elite Series 2 keep going down because the third series of devices are coming out soon.

Each new wave of modern equipment is harder to make and works better, so the price goes up to match. Let’s look at how much the other series cost to try to figure out how much the Elite Series 3 might cost:

  • Xbox Elite Series 1 – $149;
  • Xbox Elite Series 2 – $179.

The price difference between the first and second Elite Series models isn’t very big. Because of this, we can guess that the Xbox Elite Series 3 will cost $199 when it comes out. Microsoft could change this, and the price could go up.


As with most new hardware, it would be smart to expect either a small raise in price or for the next product to completely replace the old one. The Elite Series 2 costs about $200 right now, and it’s likely that the Elite Series 3 will cost about the same as Elite Series 2. Don’t forget that all of these things are good.

Right now, the fact that these tools cost $200 might be a little off-putting, but they are worth every penny. At the time, there had been no public announcements about when the Xbox Elite Series 3 would be released. Based on what has happened in the past, we can guess when the new controller will come out and how much it will cost.

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