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 Xiaomi Mi Band 7 review: Retaining the budget fitness wearable crown

Xiaomi Mi Band 7 review: Retaining the budget fitness wearable crown

Xiaomi mi band 7 review. Few wearables beyond the Apple Watch have seized the market quite like the Xiaomi Mi Band series. A combo of pricing, battery, form and function combine to ensure that the Mi Band 7 remains Xiaomi’s greatest budget product for yet another year.

While you might first feel that very nothing has changed. There are some very modest improvements that evolve the Mi Band and make it the perfect everyday fitness tracking companion to all Android phones – or even an iPhone.

Xiaomi Mi Band 7 review

Xiaomi Mi Band 7 review


The answer is in the name of the Xiaomi Mi Band 7, it’s essentially a silicone band with a small screen that can be detachable and connected to various straps, clips, and even a keychain from select stores. When most of our everyday tech has expanded over the past few years, this is kind of refreshing in its simplicity. That said, given that the Mi Band 7 is merely a thin strap with a sub-2-inch screen, I think it actually works best in the normal stealthy black form. Factor in that the Mi Band range starts at roughly $40-50 and it’s a forgivable design choice. Without NFC compatibility for wireless payments on worldwide variations, this helps keep pricing low.



The fact that we’ve seen fitness bands develop from the early Fitbit-era strap with no display to full-color AMOLEDs illustrates just how far this form of wearable has evolved in such a short space of time. After bringing color to the series with the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 the display footprint has progressively risen millimeter by millimeter every year afterwards. The 1.62-inch AMOLED display offers a 326ppi, which is remarkable given its size.


It’s a deceptively good display that is a lot smoother than I imagined. I’m upset about the disappearance of the capacitive home button but gesture navigation and animations are fluid given that this is just a few levels away from a scientific calculator in the power stakes. Being able to skip tunes and read notifications feels more “analogue” than on your smartphone display – something that feels nice even though being effectively bombarded with info.

Xiaomi Mi Band 7 review

Comfort & Fit


At just 13.5g and with a tiny design, you’ll scarcely notice you have anything attached to your wrist on a day-to-day basis. I’ve found the Mi Band 7 to be wonderfully comfortable because to the form and size but the band fastens in a way that makes it secure too.


Because the display is flat and extended, nothing protrudes out to hinder your wrist movement. Heck, you could definitely strap this to your ankle for a run and it wouldn’t be an awful experience.


Everything is waterproof to 5ATM, which means wearing the Mi Band 7 whilst in the shower – or even a plunge in the pool is not even a problem. I would recommend removing and drying as you could get irritation because of the rubberized band.


Fitness & Health tracking

There’s still no onboard GPS, which means you’ll need to carry your phone with you for mapped runs or walks. I don’t really have a great problem with this, as individuals serious about fitness would likely prefer a specialized tracker.


Xiaomi has integrated tracking for 120 workouts. Yes, 120. That’s a four-fold increase over the 30 settings available on its predecessor. That’s not all as there are recovery mode tracking data possibilities with training load data points.

Battery & charging

To make ensure that you have the best battery life, I would consider reducing the continuous heart rate monitoring down to every 30 minutes at the most frequent. I left continual blood oxygen (SpO2) tracking on and after receiving the Mi Band 7, I charged once fully to 100 percent . In the 6 days since I started to wear it, I have not had to seek out the slightly bothersome charger.


Xiaomi promises that you can achieve up to 15 days of lifespan and with some changes that might be achievable but you’ll lose out on some of the wonderful features that this compact wearable has to offer. For sleep tracking, this is where this kind of device will always beat out a large, bulky and power-hungry smartwatch.


When charging I found that removing the bulbous screen section from the wristband was the only constant approach to assure power draw. This is a little bothersome as the charging mechanism has not changed since the Mi Band 5.

Final thoughts

The absence of NFC support outside of China is one of the few continuing sore spots for a tried-and-tested product that gets somewhat better with each passing year. If you want a daily companion for simple fitness tracking with little to no heft, there is simply nothing better.

Xiaomi Mi Band 7 review

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Q1: Is it worth buying Mi Band?

So to answer your first question yes, its worth it. Fitness trackers are strictly for individuals who serious about working out and there are a lot of difference between wearing a fitness tracker and a watch. However if you’re seeking to get into fitness then the Mi Band is a good way to start considering its pricing.


Q2: Is Mi Band superior than Fitbit?

There are also plenty of watch faces to pick from, including a multitude of third-party alternatives, whereas the Fitbit is limited to approximately 15 on the app. The screen itself is considerably nicer, too. The Mi Band has a color AMOLED display with adjustable brightness


Q3: When xiaomi mi band 7 review release date?

However, you can acquire the fitness tracker at a special early-bird pricing of RM169 on the day of introduction on 25 June 2022 from Xiaomi’s official stores on Shopee and Lazada.


Q4: Which Mi Band is best?

If you want a tracker with a SpO2 sensor and a larger screen, the Mi Band 6 is the superior choice. The Mi Band 5 remains relevant for those desiring a nice fitness tracker with solid battery life.


Q5: Is MI Band heart rate accurate?

The Mi Band 6 is indeed really good in doing these things – showing notifications all day long (there is DND mode or Night mode, of course), and its heart rate and SpO2 sensor are pretty accurate – we tested it against a regular oximeter and the deviation was less than 5 percent in 9 out of 10 times


Q6: Does Mi Band track sleep?

The Xiaomi Band tests sleep using the accelerometer and the heart rate monitor. It analyzes the movement during deep sleep and a reduced heart rate implies REM sleep. This data is not as accurate and has a 78 percent accuracy rate. The Xiaomi band also does not measure how long it takes for the user to fall asleep.

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