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 Best and Latest XRecorder APK – Screen Recorder & Video Recorder

Best and Latest XRecorder APK – Screen Recorder & Video Recorder

XRecorder is a screen recording software for Android that can record any video shown on your phone, even if you don’t have download permission for it. Using this software, you may record your screen and take screenshots of any video that is now playing on your computer or mobile device. Xrecorder is the most recent version of this software, which was released on May 30th, 2021.

For the time being, XRecorder is free to download and one of the top ten screen recorder applications for Android. You may get it via Google Play or APKFab, or from Android 5.0 and above via the Google Play store.

Because this software lets you record everything that happens on your Android device’s screen, it also records the noises that are played in the video. A number of recording parameter adjustments are accessible in the app, giving you the opportunity to choose what kind of recording you want in the end.

It captures video and audio from the screen in high definition. You may record games, offer demonstrations, or produce instructional videos, and then post them to YouTubeTM so that your friends and followers can view them!

Aside from that, you may choose your recording mode: “Window” records what’s now open, or “Fullscreen” if none is available; “Region” records what’s currently on screen;

“Screen Recording” does not capture Gamer Footage, just Screen + Audio; lengthy recordings are possible with this feature.

App Name XRecorder
Developer InShot Inc
APK size 29 MB
Latest version
Android Required Android 5.0+

Download HERE

Features: –

There Are No Time Restrictions for Recording

If you want to keep using XRecorder after purchasing the pro version, you will never be asked to upgrade. A lifetime licence is included with every purchase of the app. As a small group of enthusiasts working to create a world-class application, we have no plans to slow down our app development.


Video Capture from the Front and Rear Cameras

Because of the usage of HW+ for screen recording, only smartphones running Android 4.0 or above are supported for now. For the first time, while recording a movie, you may utilise both the front and rear cameras.

Video Editing/Trimming Made Simple & Complete

If your video is larger than 2GB, you may use the built-in editor of XRecorder to split it into segments and edit each segment individually before reassembling the segments into a single recording again.

Effortless picture and video fidelity (no re-sampling, no resizing)

In order to record movies without resampling or scaling, the software utilises the same technique as professional video capture equipment. You’ll be able to view and listen to your recordings in lossless resolution on a TV screen!

Pause/resume recording button

Whatever happens, simply touch here to put the camera in standby mode for the time being (or as long you want it to last), so you may give it another shot later!

A low drain on the battery

The software was designed to be as energy-efficient as possible without sacrificing any of its high-end functionality. XRecorder’s settings page should be checked once more to ensure that “background” recording is not on when there seems to be a power-related problem (such as the device overheating).

Sharing videos on the internet has never been easier.

Cables and USB hookups are no longer a hassle. In order to share anything, just launch XRecorder, choose the picture or video you want to share, and then select the destination you want to share it to. The “Share” option is available on every screen in the app, if you want.

A wide range of video codecs may be used

When converting your recordings to AVI format, you have the option of using one of three video codecs: H264, MPEG4, or VP8. Choose whomever you want!

No Watermark (AdFree)

XRecorder is free of watermarks, advertising, and time restrictions. All of its features will be available to you for free!

Advanced Cropping and Trimming Instruments

Unwanted segments of a video may be readily removed using video editing software (for example if you need to remove your device dock at the top of a recording). As an additional option, you may shorten the movie’s runtime by deleting extraneous frames. In XRecorder, you have the option to do all of this manually rather than relying on automatic features.

Included are several video filters.

With XRecorder, you may apply popular image filters to your movies and pictures without relying on third-party apps.



Step 1: Download the XRecorder APK file from the above download sources before installing the Xrecorder APP on your device.

Step 2: Enable “unknown sources” on your smartphone once the download is complete. This setting may be found in device settings.

Step 3: Xrecorder’s apk file may be found in your downloads folder. Open it by clicking on it and selecting “Install”.

Step 4: You’ll see an opportunity to install it there. Just go to the bottom and click the link.

Step 5: There will be some terms and conditions shown to you once you click. As a result, accept the terms that have been given.

Step 6: When the on-screen instructions appear, be sure to follow them exactly. Only then will you be able to capture videos in the highest possible quality.


Installing XRecorder on a PC may be accomplished using BlueStacks App Player


Using BlueStacks App Player to install XRecorder on a PC

  • App players like BlueStacks allow you to run Android apps on your PC. Following the instructions outlined here will enable you to use BlueStacks to install any app you want on your PC.
  • Before you begin, make sure BlueStacks is installed on your computer.
  • BlueStacks must first be launched on your PC before you can continue.
  • Once BlueStacks is up and running, choose the My Apps option on the emulator’s toolbar.
  • To find XRecorder, do a search for it.
  • If you look for it, you’ll get a search result for XRecorder App, which just requires a quick download and installation.
  • Sign in with your Google account to use BlueStacks to get applications from Google Play.
  • The installation will begin as soon as you log in. The speed of your internet connection will be critical throughout this procedure.
  • After the installation, you will be able to use XRecorder.
  • Another way to get XRecorder working with BlueStacks is to download the XRecorder APK file from the XRecorder website and then run it via the BlueStacks Android emulator. You may download the XRecorder APK file to your PC and then use an Android emulator to install it.
  • While using BlueStacks, if you have any issues with it loading, you may simply download and install the Framework on your PC. As a result, you will have answers to your issues.


  • Friendly to newcomers
  • Video that’s fluid, flawless, and of high quality
  • When recording, there are no hiccups, malfunctions, or failures of any kind.
  • There aren’t any squeaks from anybody.
  • File size is less when compared to other accessible alternatives.
  • Tools for editing that are second to none
  • Enabling the taking of screenshots


  • Availability of background work saving (by watching an ad)
  • Functions for editing and cropping video
  • Creating and using visual tools for filtering
  • There isn’t any noise in the background.
  • Perfect synchronisation
  • Quick and simple social media sharing
  • Possibility to catch a person’s face when recording
  • Possesses the ability to record in 1080p
  • It’s possible to compress data before sending it through email.
  • Enables the recording of voiceovers


It’s easy to record smooth, high-quality screen movies and screenshots with XRecorder, and it comes with a powerful toolkit for editing them fast. No more missing out on major live game shows and other events thanks to the app.


I love this app since it does all I need it to and then some. This kind of software is often difficult to set up, yet it seems to be very user-friendly. The free basic version is great since it lets you record, edit, and publish your videos to YouTube with ease. In addition, the free edition does include advertisements. However, they are very scarce. As a result, working with them is a breeze.

With XRecorder, you get the best of both worlds: a convenient, trustworthy, and dependable screen recording software with just the bare minimum of permissions required.


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