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ZAGGkeys PROplus Review – iPad Keyboard Case With Backlit Keys

zaggkeys pro plus ipad keyboard

If you want to get some serious work done on your iPad you should consider investing in a bluetooth keyboard case. There are several ones to choose from and most of them have one in common – they are not cheap. But if you use your iPad a lot to take notes or to write reports, it would actually be worth it.

An external iPad keyboard case has many advantages:

Since I do a lot of writing and like to be able to do so while I am on the go, I got myself the ZAGGkeys PROplus iPad keyboard case. I have been using it for some weeks now and want to share my experiences with you.

Tech specs of the ZAGGkeys PROplus:

A closer look at the keyboard


The ZAGGkeys PROplus looks similar to the Ultrathin Keyboard Cover from Logitech but has a distinctive difference – backlit keys. This great feature is the reason for the higher price. In comparison to $129.99, the ZAGGkeys PRO version as well as the Ultrathin Keyboard Cover without backlight cost $99.99. But if you work frequently in dark environments, investing a little more could save you from headaches caused by desperately searching the corrrect key on your keyboard.

The PROplus version offers three different levels of light intensity and seven different colors. Seven colors might be a little over the top but it is nice to have the possibility to change it to your favorite color or to fit your mood.

The keyboard offers many hotkeys that should cover most common actions, such as copy/paste, show/hide onscreen keyboard and music and sound controls.

The PROplus has no magnetic hinge like Logitech’s Ultrathin but gray plastic lips and a magnetized edge to hold the iPad in place. The magnets are strong enough and the design offers a secure hold. In fact, once the iPad is lying on the cover, it is quite a challenge to separate them. A built-in indentation is supposed to be used to do that.

Setup of the keyboard

Setting up the PROplus is really easy. After turning it on and pressing the “Pair” button, you only need to turn on your iPad’s bluetooth in the settings and connect it to the keyboard. Then, your iPad will always connect to the PROplus automatically.

Daily usage

There are several keyboard solutions for the iPad but the PROplus is probably the best on-the-go keyboard. The backlit keys make writing on it so much easier and I don’t want to miss that feature ever again. The case is also a perfect screen protector so that you don’t need to carry around any other protection accessories.

The typing experience is outstanding. The island-style keys have a good grip and are not too small. Writing on the PROplus almost feels like on a laptop and the typing speed is comparable to one, too.

The battery life is very satisfying. I have used the PROplus quite often over the past weeks and the battery indicator tells me that it is still over 50%. According to the manual, a recharge takes 2-4 hours, which is completely acceptable.

Conclusion and alternative

The ZAGGkeys PROplus offers an excellent typing experience and a perfect display protection with its well-built aluminium body. It is $30 more expensive than Logitech’s Ultrathin Keyboard but for that money you get the backlit keyboard. Both keyboards offer a great typing experience. So if you don’t need backlit keys the cheaper Ultrathin Keyboard would serve you equally well. However, should you want backlit keys, get the PROplus! Seriously! You won’t regret spending a few bucks more, trust me.

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