Android 14 Beta 1.1 Fixes Several Bugs


     April 28, 2023

Google has released a patch for Android 14 Beta 1

That fixes bugs in the Wallpaper & Style app, the fingerprint reader, the lock screen, and SIM card problems.

Over-the-air (OTA) means that the update is available right away for people in the Android Beta Program.

A few weeks after Android 14 Beta 1 came out, this small change was made. It was quickly talked about on r/android_beta, and the Android Developers site has more details.

A lot of people are happy when a new test version of Android comes out, even though it makes them a little nervous because it could make the system less stable.

But this time, the news about Android 14 Beta 1.1 is good: it’s just a small update that fixes bugs found in the first beta.

Don’t forget, though, that Android 14 is still being tested. Even though the fixes in this update should make things work better,

There is still a chance of finding more problems or even regressions, which are things that used to work but don’t work in the current release.

Overall, this is a great fix for Pixel users because it should make their time with Google’s new operating system a lot better.

Beta 1.1 makes it easy to wait for Android 14 and lets people see what the whole package will look like before it comes out for real.

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