Check The Issues And Bugs Fixed By Nvidia’s 531.18 WHQL Driver!


             March 10, 2023

Bugs That Are fixed by NVIDIA 531.18 WHQL Driver

Nvidia said today that it is working to fix a driver problem that is making Windows computers use a lot of CPU and show “blue screens of death” (BSODs). The driver that has bugs is GeForce Game Ready 531.18 WHQL, which came out on February 28 and added support for RTX Video Super Resolution.

Customers have been complaining for days on the company’s forums and on social media that the Nvidia Game Session Telemetry Plugin (NvGSTPlugin.dll), which is loaded by the Nvidia Display Container service, causes CPU spikes of 10% or more on Windows systems after games or rendering apps are closed.

In the Nvidia forum thread asking for feedback on this driver version, users also say that updated Windows installations have constant blue screens that can be fixed by going back to an older driver version. – Dead Space Resizable Bar profile enabled – Adobe After Effects and Media Encoder have trouble with ProRes RAW files – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 sometimes has problems with stability – Forza Horizon 4 might freeze after 15 to 30 minutes of play.

Nvidia has already put this on its list of open issues for this driver version, which says that NVIDIA Container could use more CPU after a game is done. GeForce Game Ready Drivers SPM Sean Pelletier says that a fix is being made and that a hotfix driver will be out as soon as possible.

Users can get rid of the general OS slowness until the problem is fixed by stopping the NVIDIA Container process through the Windows task manager. You should go back to your older driver if you are also getting Blue Screens of Death (BSOD) in Windows, games that crash, games that run slower, or games that won’t start at all.

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