Get Paid for Things That People Give Out for Free

Top Things You Can Monetize to Generate a Side Income Online


Make Money Selling Services as a Consultant

Sell non-tangible goods as an opinion leader or authority on a particular niche. Build a website with appointment booking and live chat features, advertise yourself well, and search for clients on LinkedIn.

Monetize Your Opinions

Corporate focus groups are a great way to generate passive income online by sharing opinions on products/services. They take anywhere from 60 minutes to 2 hours and pay up to $200 for active participation.

Write Genuine Product Reviews

Product reviewing is a profitable niche that helps bloggers and digital marketers gain exposure to affiliate marketing. To start, you must become a member of a review company and create an account. You will be given different types of products and services to review, and soon you will have your own review site.

Share Your Internet Bandwidth to Earn Money

Data-sharing apps provide individuals with the opportunity to make a decent side income in exchange for using their internet, but it's best for those with unlimited data packages.

Get Paid for Writing Online Surveys

Online surveys are similar to focus groups, but have to be completed online and on a form. They are used by top-notch brands and corporations as data points to offer better services. There are plenty of authentic online survey platforms to choose from and some may pay up to $5 per survey.

Bottom Line

Generating a passive income online isn’t a pipedream anymore. Digital technology has made significant strides in introducing platforms and opportunities anyone can leverage to make money from home. Even better – you can monetize things people give out for free.

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