Guitar Hero III Cheats and Unlockable for Xbox 360

Codes relate to colored guitar buttons:- B is for Blue, Y is for Yellow,  G is for Green, R is for Red,  O is for Orange.

Cheat 1. For Air Guitar BY, GY, GY, RB, RB, RY, RY, BY, GY, GY, RB, RB, RY, RY, GY, GY, RY, RY

Cheat 2. Hyperspeed O, B, O, Y, O, B, O, Y

Cheat 3. Large Gems G, R, G, Y, G, B, G, O, G, B, G, Y, G, R, G, GR, RY, GR, YB, GR, BO, GR, YB, GR, RY, GR, GY

Cheat 4. Unlock All Songs in Quick Play YO, RB, RO, GB, RY, YO, RY, RB, GY, GY, YB, YB, YO, YO, YB, Y, R, RY, R, Y, O

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