How to Do Big Text on Discord?

1: Using Discord Text Formatting

Users of Discord can make big blocks of text using a variety of text formatting choices. One simple way to do this is to put asterisks (*) or lines (_) around your text. Putting two asterisks or underlines before and after the text you want to make bold will do the trick. For instance, **Hello** or __Hello__ will show up as Hello.

You can make your text even bigger by using more than one style choice at once. Text that is both bold and italic can be made with three asterisks or underscores, like ***Hello*** or ___Hello___. By trying out different combinations, you can find the right font size and style for your needs.

2: Using Zalgo Text Generator

Another smart way to get a big text on Discord is to use the Zalgo Text Generator. Zalgo text is a way to change the text by adding a variety of diacritic marks and symbols to it. The writing looks strange and interesting because of this.

You can make Zalgo text by going to sites like Zalgo Text Generator and typing the text you want. The creator will change the text into Zalgo, and you can copy and paste the new text into Discord. Remember that too much Zalgo text could make it hard to read, so only use it for certain things and not very often.

3: Using ASCII Art

ASCII art is a way to use the ASCII letter set to make a picture. Even though it doesn’t directly make big writing, it can still be used to show big letters or words in a good way.

You can find groups of ASCII art on a lot of websites and with a lot of tools. You can look for letters or words written in ASCII and copy them into Discord to make the text look like it is big. ASCII art can help your words stand out and sound more like you.

4: Using Bots and Custom CSS

Using Discord bots or custom CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) gives server admins and users with advanced skills even more ways to make big text. Bots like Dyno, MEE6, and Carl-bot have tools that let you use commands to organize text in your own way.

For more skilled users, custom CSS can be added to Discord through third-party clients like BetterDiscord or BeautifulDiscord. Custom CSS can change how things look in Discord, like the size and style of text, and can be used to make your own styles, like big text.

5: Using Unicode Characters

Unicode characters offer a wide range of symbols and letters that can be used to make big text effects on Discord. Using Unicode characters that are bigger or wider than normal characters can make your text look like it is big.

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