February 14, 2020

How To Factory Reset Your M1 and  M2 Macbooks, IMac And Air.

By Dr. Lora Poppins

So, if you’re willing to factory reset your macOS, the first thing you should do is have a data backup. In factory reset, you will lose all your data, so save your confidential data in your backup.

For backing up your data, there is software present in the market. You may use any Apple device to access your mac apps thanks to iCloud’s wireless synchronization

When you’re factory setting your Mac, be sure you have logged out from every account present. Even you must sign out from your iCloud account.

You may restart your MacBook Air by resetting and restoring your macOS. Using macOS Recovery mode is the quickest and simplest way to restore macOS.

In order to do that, You have to Power off your Macbook and Press and Hold the Power of Button and Enter the Password 

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