Meta Provides New Body Shapes, Hair and Clothing for Avatars


         April 29, 2023

Meta told you about a couple of changes that will make your Avatars look better.

A few new body types are being added to characters, and the company is working with Puma to add seven new clothes to the Meta Avatars Store.

Meta is making the eyes of the Avatar shine a little better, giving the hair some volume, and making the clothes look more real and detailed.

You’ll notice these changes when you use your picture outside of virtual reality (VR).

when you made a picture, the body types you could choose from were all pretty similar. Perhaps a little square.

This version of the models was made by the brand in 2021 as a good place to start.

Meta now gives you even more ways to do things.

Starting this month, you’ll be able to choose from more body types, including two with more curves.

Some of the choices we already have are getting better, which makes them stand out.

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