Meta Provides New Body Shapes, Hair and Clothing for Avatars!

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In the future, digital identities will work like Meta Avatar. For everything you do online, you need a digital name. To do things like log into a website, buy something, or talk to people on social media, we all need a digital version of ourselves. Right now, the only way to show who you are online is with a username and a password.

But this way isn’t very strong, and hackers could use it against you. The artificial person of the future is the meta-avatar.

What is a Meta Avatar?

meta avatar

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A person’s meta-avatar is a digital representation of them that goes beyond their login and password. It is a unique, safe, and checked digital name that the person has control over. A username or password is better than a meta-avatar because it can’t be stolen or broken into.

How Does a Meta Avatar Work?

A meta-avatar is made by putting together different kinds of data, such as information about your body, yourself, and what you do online. Then, this information is checked and kept safe, giving the person a unique and safe digital name. The person has full control over their meta-avatar and can use it to get into different web services and sites.

meta avatar

Meta Provides New Body Shapes, Hair and Clothing for Avatars

Meta told you about a couple of changes that will make your Avatars look better. A few new body types are being added to characters, and the company is working with Puma to add seven new clothes to the Meta Avatars Store.

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Meta is making the eyes of the Avatar shine a little better, giving the hair some volume, and making the clothes look more real and detailed. You’ll notice these changes when you use your picture outside of virtual reality (VR). But before now, when you made a picture, the body types you could choose from were all pretty similar. Perhaps a little square.

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This version of the models was made by the brand in 2021 as a good place to start. Meta now gives you even more ways to do things. Starting this month, you’ll be able to choose from more body types, including two with more curves. Some of the choices we already have are getting better, which makes them stand out.

How to Create an Avatar?

Meta says that a user’s avatar is a computer version of them that can have different hairstyles, face features, and clothes. You can use your own picture as your personal picture, or you can choose from 36 different stickers that show how you feel.

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Step 1: Go to “Settings” in WhatsApp and then click “Avatar” at the top.

Step 2: Click “Create your Avatar” and follow the instructions to make a picture of yourself.

Step 3: When you’re done, tap the “Done” button.

Step 4: You can now use it as the background on your computer’s screen.

Step 5: Go back to “Settings” and tap your name to make the photo your profile picture.

Step 6: Click on your picture and then click “Use Avatar.”

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Please keep in mind that this option seems to be available right now only on the mobile version of WhatsApp.

What is Included in the SDK?

Plugin for Unity

There are prefabs, scripts, and files in the Meta Avatars Unity tool that make it easy to use all of the features. It also gives specific cases, like:

meta avatar

  • Single avatar mirror scene
  • Custom hand poses
  • Meta’s Web API can be used to load custom avatars.
  • Loopback in a network
  • Gaze tracking

Sample Avatars

The SDK comes with 32 sample pictures that can be used during development and are free to use in the end product. These examples show how well people can come up with their own characters.

meta avatar

They can also be used as settings for NPCs or users who don’t want to make their own, or to reflect users on systems like SteamVR that don’t have Meta logins.


Check out Meta’s directions for more information, as well as code snippets and best practices that will help you get started.

meta avatar

What are the Benefits of Using a Meta Avatar?

Increased Security

A meta-avatar is a better way to show who you are on the Internet, as has already been said. When fingerprint data and encryption are used, cyberattacks and identity theft are much less likely to happen.

User Experience Made Easier

When someone has a meta-avatar, they don’t have to remember many usernames and passwords. This makes things easier and saves time for the person.

meta avatar

Improved Privacy

When people use meta pictures, they have more control over how their personal information is used. Users can decide what information to put in their meta-avatars, and they can always stop letting other people see that information.

Streamlined Identity Verification

You can also quickly show who someone is with a meta picture. Users don’t have to give their information to each site. Instead, they can show who they are with their meta-avatar.

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What are the Applications of Meta Avatars?

Financial Services

With the help of meta pictures, it can be easy and safe to use banking services. This includes ways to pay for things, bank online, and trade money.


Meta pictures can also be used in the health care area. Patients can use their meta-avatars to look at their medical records and talk to doctors and staff.

meta avatar


It’s easy to buy things online when meta characters are used. By using their meta-avatars, users can buy things without giving out personal information.

Social Media

You can find out who someone is on social media sites by looking at their meta-avatar. This could make it harder for people to create fake accounts online and bother other people.

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As the world becomes more digital, it’s more important than ever to be able to show who you are online in a safe and trustworthy way. Meta pictures seem like a good way to fix the problems with IDs and passwords.

meta avatar

If meta-avatars improved security, made it easier for people to use, and gave people more privacy, it could change how we communicate online. Meta has changed the way its models’ bodies look and made their hair and clothes feel better so that users can better show who they are.

The company also said that more than a billion lines have been made across all of its sites. Under “New Body Shapes,” the company has given users more choices, including two curvier body types for women who dress as women. The company also said that it will change some of its present picks to make them stand out.


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