9 fixes to fix moviebox not working errors

You are also facing issues using moviebox not working error. And want to know how to fix moviebox not working errors. Here, this article, helps you out to fix the error using 9 fixes, and you can prevent the causes using these.  Moviebox pro is a video streaming app, which lets you watch your favorite videos online and offline. As it works across several platforms.  To watch videos offline you have to download it or you can add it in the watch later section. 

But, sometimes it shows some errors when using it. So, here in this article I am going to share all the fixes which can be done to fix moviebox not working errors. Let’s get to know about the fixes discussed below. 

Why is the MovieBox Pro App Not Working?

There are so many reasons why the moviebox is not working such as some of these might be the technical errors or maybe the server you are using is down, so, the first and important step is to check the server and your internet connection which must be turned on.

If moviebox pro doesn’t work, it could be because any of the following:

  • The moviebox pro app may have crashed or stopped working, or the service may be down.
  • you have vpn on your phone.
  • Your phone is in “low data mode” right now.
  • Since a long time ago, the app hasn’t been changed.
  • you haven’t deleted the program cache.
  • Your smart phone’s internet or WiFi doesn’t work right.

There might be a reason that you are facing these errors due to the cache so simply visit the google play store or the apple store and clear the cache from there and try using it. If you are still unable to use it. Then check the fixes below. 

fix moviebox not working errors

How to fix moviebox not working errors”?

1. Switch your network

If your network is unreliable or your internet connection is poor, you might have trouble loading the MovieBox Pro app. If the program won’t run despite having strong internet access, it’s possible that your network has been constrained.

9 fixes to fix moviebox not working errors

You will have to change networks in this situation. You might think about switching to a Wi-Fi network if you are currently using mobile data, and vice versa.

Additionally, you can put your phone in aeroplane mode before taking it out. With this, you’ll be able to connect to a new server.

2. Clear your app cache

The MovieBox Pro app can be fixed by clearing the app cache. Cache problems frequently make programs unusable.

9 fixes to fix moviebox not working errors

On Android, go to Settings and clear the MovieBox Pro app’s cache. Locate and choose the MovieBox Pro app under App Management. The MovieBox Pro App cache is released after choosing the clear cache option.

If you want to erase the cache for the MovieBox Pro app on your iPhone, open the Settings app and go to the General page. Select MovieBox Pro under that, followed by iPhone Storage. Finally, choose “Delete” and then “Reinstall MovieBox Pro.”

3. Disable your VPN

Before using the MovieBox Pro app, please turn off any active VPN connections. The MovieBox Pro app might not function properly if you are using a VPN.

9 fixes to fix moviebox not working errors

To solve this problem, try turning off your VPN connection, then open the MovieBox Pro app once more.

4. Remove and reinstall the app

You can uninstall and reinstall the MovieBox Pro app to clear the app cache and install the most recent version if the program isn’t functioning properly. You can delete the app from your device’s settings, the Google Play Store, or the App Store.

9 fixes to fix moviebox not working errors

Reinstalling MovieBox Pro enables the application to launch from scratch.

5. Update the app

Your smartphone might be using an unsupported version of the MovieBox Pro app if you haven’t updated it in a while. This is why you’re having trouble using the app.

9 fixes to fix moviebox not working errors

You must update the MovieBox Pro app to the most recent version in order to fix the app’s malfunction. Visit the App Store for iOS or the Google Play Store, depending on your device, to do that.

If the update is intended for bug repairs and performance enhancements, updating the MovieBox Pro software can help you address any bugs and glitches that might have been introduced in the prior version.

6. Ensure the app is compatible

It’s possible that your device won’t work with the MovieBox Pro app. In this situation, utilizing the app will be difficult.

9 fixes to fix moviebox not working errors

Check to see if the MovieBox Pro app is compatible with your phone if it isn’t functioning properly. Try using the app on a different phone if your device turns out to be incompatible, and the issue will be resolved.

7. Ensure your date & time settings are correct

If the MovieBox Pro app isn’t functioning, your device’s date and time settings may be off. Make sure the date and time are accurate and synchronized on your device.

9 fixes to fix moviebox not working errors

The MovieBox Pro program can then be reloaded to see if it still functions.

8. Restart your device

You might be able to resolve the MovieBox Pro app issue by restarting your smartphone. Start the app again after restarting your smartphone. Now it ought to be operating flawlessly.

9 fixes to fix moviebox not working errors

9. Wait for a while

Sometimes, the MovieBox Pro app not working might be a technical error, or the server is down. In this case, you can only wait till the technical team resolve the issue. In many cases, the MovieBox Pro team are already aware of the situation and must be working to ensure the problem is resolved. Hence, there is nothing you can do than to wait.

fix moviebox not working errors


There are so many reasons due to which the app is not working. You can fix it using the fixes discussed above, or if you are unable to fix it you can contact the service center and wait for them to solve the error for you. I hope the article is helpful for you. If you want to let us know about anything related, you can contact us or tell us in the comment section below.

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Q1: Why is my MovieBox not working?

Turn off your iPhone or iPad and restart it to see whether MovieBox runs normally. Force-quit the MovieBox software and restart it or restart your iDevice to try it again. Open Settings and select General then Date & Time.

Q2: Did MovieBox Pro get shut down?

MovieBox, the popular free media streaming app, has shut down.

Q3: Is there a replacement for MovieBox?

Netflix, Try DuckieTV or TorrenTV if you’re seeking for a free alternative because it’s not free. Show Box – Movies & TV Shows, ROX Player, Zona, and ZiniTevi are some other fantastic applications like Movie Box.

Q4: How does MovieBox Pro work?

Users can stream movies and television shows for free using the MovieBox Pro Mobile App or a web browser thanks to the app’s Showbox clone design. It is the ideal substitute for ad-supported video streaming services like Netflix because it provides free audiovisual material.

Q5: Is Showbox working again 2022?

This list needs to be created because Showbox was recently permanently shut down. One of the most popular streaming apps for movies and TV shows was Showbox APK. Additionally, so many FireStick users loved it. It only made sense to find alternatives to Showbox as it is not any longer functional.

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