How to Fix Pandora Error 3002 using 2 Easy and Quick Methods

 If you are facing the Pandora error code 3002 issue,  then this guide is for you. Here I am going to share how to fix the 3002 code issue using two effective ways. Before using the guide you have to know what are the causes of the error.  So let’s take a look at the causes first. 

Causes of Error 3002 

There have been several reasons due to which Error Code 3002 Pandora took place. Here are the reasons listed below:

  • If the Microsoft Access Software has been improperly installed or if you downloaded a faulty window.
  • Due to repeated changes in Micro Access-related software, such as how to install or uninstall it, the Windows registry has been corrupted.
  • Any virus or malware information tampers with Windows system files or files connected to Microsoft Access.

How to Fix Pandora Error 3002 Code Issue

There are so many reasons which cause the error when using the windows. The runtime on the windows can be rectified due to several factors. It is very important to know all the factors and the solutions very carefully. It might cause some major errors if the solutions are not done properly.  The incorrect editing of the registry may cause the Irreversible damage to the operating system.  Because if there will be an in misplaced comma,  stop the working and will stop the system from voting completely. 

This article will highlight two critical methods through which you will be able to fix the Error 3002 Entity Framework that took place during the runtime. All you need is to follow the steps considerably so that you will be able to rectify the issue.

fix pandora error 3002

1. Advanced Computer User Solution – (Manual Restore)

  1. You must first launch the system and sign in as the administrator.
  2. You must first log in, then click the start button, then All Programs->Accessories->System Tools, and finally click System Restore.
  3. You need to click Next after selecting “Restore my computer to an earlier time” in the new window that appears.
  4. Following your selection from the “On this list, hit it off a restore point” list of system restore points, you must click the Next button.
  5. Now, you must select “next” on the windows that request a confirmation.
  6. You must restart the system when the restoration procedure is finished in order to successfully alter the configuration.

fix pandora error code 3002

2. Novice Computer User Solution –

(This is totally an automated Method to fix the Pandora Error Code 3002)

  • The Error code 3002 Pandora repair tool must first be downloaded.
  • Installing the application and selecting the Scan button are the next steps.
  • When the scanning procedure is finished, you must click Fix Error.
  • To correctly save the modified configuration, you must now restart the computer.


The article has provided the detailed study about the fixes, causes and the step by step guide to fix Pandora Error 3002. The two methods discussed above are the most used and helpful methods such as taking care of the causes may result to not get any error. I hope, the article finds helpful to you. If you want to ask us something about the error code and fixes and causes feel free to contact us through the comment section below.

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Q1: How do I fix error 3002?

However, based on their accounts, the issue can be resolved quickly by restarting the router and creating new connections. This action will flush the DNS, IP, and delete the temporary data that may be the root of the problem if the 3002 Error code is really being produced by a typical network irregularity.

Q2: What is Pandora error code 3005?

The problem may also be brought on by a surplus of data in your Pandora cache. The cache should be cleared as well. Although you can still check them out on your account and download them again, be aware that emptying the cache may also destroy all the music that you have downloaded.

Q3: What is Error Code 9 Pandora?

The majority of Pandora’s errors are categorised as either general or technical. Error number 9 is classified as a technical problem. The sort of device you are using to access the service is primarily to blame.

Q4: Is Pandora down right now?

We can access and it is up.

Q5: Why isn’t my Pandora working?

The Pandora app creates performance difficulties for which we cannot give support if it is installed on an SD card rather than the phone’s internal memory. Make exclusions for Pandora if you use a battery saver or task manager app, or consider disabling them altogether.

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