Nothing Phone (3): Potential Release Date, Leaked Specs An Everything We Know So Far!


The best phones from Nothing come out every year in July. This time, we think Nothing will also show off the big Nothing Phone 3 around the same time. A lot of news stories have already been written about the “Nothing Phone 3,” but the company hasn’t said anything about it yet. The biggest problem with the Nothing Phone 2 was its price. If the rumors are true, the Nothing Phone 3 will fix that.

2024 has been a great year for nothing since Nothing Phone came out. They also just came out with their newest radio product, the Ear and Ear (a), not long ago. The new main phone from Nothing will be out soon too. The Nothing Phone (3) isn’t said to be coming out any time soon, but we can guess what it might have based on how the smartphone market and trends are right now. This is our review of the Nothing Phone.

The Phone (3), a high-end smartphone that doesn’t have any features, is said to be coming out in September in a new story. The story says that the Nothing Phone (3) could have the model number A015 and use the newest Snapdragon 8s Gen 3 engine when it comes out. Phone (2a) from Nothing just came out recently in India and costs at least ₹23,999.

Nothing Phone (3) Expected Launch Date

The Nothing Phone 3 should be out in September. The Phone (2a) came out in March, and on April 29, a new color of the same phone came out. It came out in July of last year. Nothing would want to keep the fun going for a while longer since Phone (2a) sold so well. That’s why Phone (3) might not come out until September or October. We could be wrong, though.

Nothing Phone (3): Expected Performance

One of the first things we thought about when the Phone (2a) came out was which Qualcomm chip Nothing should use for it. Because of the new Snapdragon SoCs, the answer to that question is now clear, and we think the Nothing Phone (3) will most likely have a Snapdragon 8s Gen 3 chip. The 8 Gen 3 has a higher multicore score than the 8s Gen 3, which we saw in our study.

The 8s Gen 3 also uses a little less power. Still, it wouldn’t surprise us if Nothing ends up picking the cheaper SoC. The 8s Gen 3 came out a lot more recently than the 8 Gen 3, but we’re not sure if the 8 Gen 3 still costs more per unit. We won’t know until we get the first bits of information about how well the Phone works.

Nothing Phone (3): Potential Release Date, Leaked Specs

Nothing Phone (3): Design

I wouldn’t know what to do next with the design if I were on the team for Nothing. Nothing clearly knows how to make things work because they got what they wanted with the Phone (1) and (2). The only thing we know about the design is that the Phone (3) will have a clear back and keep the Glyph UI. I did, however, think of some design choices we talked about in my opinion piece Nothing Phone (3). We’ll let you know when there are new images.

Nothing Phone (3): Cameras

Right now we don’t know anything about the cams either. Both Phone (1) and Phone (2) had two cameras on the back. The zoom lens on the first camera was wide, and the zoom lens on the second camera was very wide. One of the most-asked-for features of the Nothing Phone is probably a zoom lens instead of an ultrawide lens or a third camera. Still, it’s not clear if Nothing hears this.

Nothing Phone (3): Battery and Charging

We still don’t know how big the battery is or how fast it charges. The Nothing Phone (2) had a 4,700 mAh battery that could be charged at 45W. The Phone (2a), on the other hand, has a bigger 5,000 mAh battery. That being said, the Phone (3) might have a 5,000 mAh battery and charge faster than 45W, maybe up to 65 or 67W. It should also get faster to charge wirelessly.

Nothing Phone (3): Software and Connectivity

The third version of Nothing OS is being made, and it will probably be out at the same time as the Nothing Phone. We know for sure that the Quick Settings screen will look different like it’s nothing. The business wants users to tell them what they think the new panel should look like.

Nothing is also making picture and community apps that will probably be in Nothing OS 3.0. Based on what they’ve done so far, we expect something good from their UI, even though we haven’t seen anything yet. The phone should have two SIM card slots, Wi-Fi 7/6E/5/2.4 GHz, and all the important 5G and 4G bands (3).

Nothing Phone (3): Potential Release Date, Leaked Specs

Nothing Phone (3): Storage and RAM

There should be three hard drive sizes for the Phone (3): 8 GB + 128 GB, 12 GB + 256 GB, and 12 GB + 512 GB. Remember that we’re not sure. We don’t think Nothing will change to UFS 4.0 to keep the price per unit low. That’s why you can expect all of them to have UFS 3.1 and LPDDR5X RAM.

Nothing Phone (3): Price and Colour Options

We don’t know how much the Nothing Phone (3) will cost or what colors it will come in (sorry!), but we think the company will stick with white and grey (or a slightly lighter or darker grey). They could put out a new color, just like they did with the Phone (2a). But for now, we’re just shooting arrows into the air. Also, the prices should stay the same at Rs 45,000, €729, €729, and £579. But for now, Nothing needs to keep the price of the Phone (3) the same so they can move up in the market. They could try more things with the Phone (4).


The Nothing Phone 3 is said to have the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 engine inside it, which is different from the price. Leaks tell us that the Phone 3 will have a bigger screen and battery this year, but we don’t know much else about it. The Nothing Phone 3 should also be able to charge more quickly.

Leaks have already made us believe a lot in the Nothing Phone 3, even though none of this is true. There are already some really great phones out there. It’s just them and nothing else. They’re very strong. Their style is very simple. It also looks and works very differently than other Android apps. Nothing needed was for its best phones to cost less, and it looks like it’s already done that with the Nothing Phone 3.

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