How to Enable Or Disable Journaling Suggestions on iPhone?


One easy way to keep track of different health and wellness tasks is to use the journaling tools on your iPhone. You can change how your iPhone tracks your health to suit your needs by turning off or on writing ideas. This is true whether you’re keeping track of your awareness, exercise, or sleep. You can turn on and off journaling ideas on your iPhone with this full guide. It has step-by-step steps and helpful hints all the way through.

What are Journaling Suggestions?

The iPhone’s Health app can help you come up with unique things to write in a notebook. These ideas come from what we know about your fitness and health. They make health advice just for you to help you live a good life. Writing in a book can improve your health by giving you useful information and reminders. For example, you can write down how often you work out and how well you sleep.

Benefits of Journaling Suggestions

There are more reasons to write down your thoughts in a notebook than just to remind you of them. By using your health data, these tips can help you make healthy habits, set goals that you can reach, and stay motivated on your way to health. This writing can help you become a better person by giving you ideas on how to do things like walk more every day, sleep better, or meditate more.

Enabling Journaling Suggestions on iPhone

If you want to set your iPhone to remind you to write in your journal, open it and go to the home screen.

A. Getting to Settings: To turn on reminders to write in your journal on your iPhone, open it and go to the home screen.

B. Finding Privacy: Next, find the “Settings” app button on your iPhone and tap on it to open the settings menu. Then, scroll down and pick “Privacy” from the list.

C. Pick the Health app. To get to its privacy settings, scroll down the Privacy menu and tap on “Health.”

How to Disable Journaling Suggestions on iPhone

D. If you want to use journaling suggestions, go to your Health privacy settings and find the “Journaling Suggestions” choice. To turn it on, move the switch to the right. After you turn on your iPhone, it will give you journaling ideas that are unique to you based on health and exercise.

E. Change Your Journaling Preferences: You can also change the kinds of journaling thoughts you get by going to the “Journaling Preferences” section of the Health app. You can make a list of your interests, goals, and hobbies here to get better ideas that will help you.

Disabling Journaling Suggestions on iPhone

A. Going to Settings: Go to the Settings page and find the Privacy settings. If you don’t want your iPhone to suggest that you keep a diary, do the same first steps.

B. The private menu is in the Privacy menu. To get there, go to “Health” to see the private settings for the Health app.

C. To turn off “Journaling Suggestions” in the Health privacy settings, choose “Health” and slide the switch to the left. Based on health information, this will stop your iPhone from telling you to keep a log.

How to Disable Journaling Suggestions on iPhone


By turning on and off journaling ideas, you can change how you track your health on your iPhone to suit your needs and way of life. You can set up your iPhone’s health settings properly by following these simple steps. This will help you get personalised prompts or manage your health data without having to think about it.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I turn off journaling thoughts and then turn them back on?

Yes, you can start writing in your journal again at any time by following these steps. Just move the switch to the right to turn them back on.

Do people who want to help me keep a journal need to see my private health information?

Yes, the health information you store in the Health app is used to give you writing ideas. It’s safe and private, though, and no one else can see it unless you give it to other apps or services.

Can I get thoughts for writing in my journal on any kind of iPhone?

People with iPhones that run iOS 15 or later can get thoughts for writing in a journal. You can find and use writing ideas in the Health app on your iPhone if it has iOS 15.

Can I change the types of thoughts I get for writing?

There are settings in the Health app that you can change to change the kinds of journaling thoughts you get. Go to “Journaling Preferences” and write down your goals and interests to change your choices.

If I stop writing in my book, will that change how my iPhone tracks my health in other ways?

It won’t change how your iPhone tracks your health in any other way if you turn off daily ideas. You will still be able to track your health with the Health app’s other useful tools.

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