Pro Tips For The Fallout 4 Fans

Tip 1. Before leaving, remove Fallout 4 power armor Fusion Core to protect it from the NPC. It is possible that when you are not there, they will come to your settlement and steal your power armor Fusion Core.

Tip 2. You should consider investing in mod-specific perks like melee weapons and firearms for the ranks

Tip 3. While Fallout 4 is giving you the chance of building your settlements, you must not forget to maintain them by being versatile and vigilant.

Tip 4. In the enormous F4 version, you will see various companions with specific personalities and backstories along with numerous distinct dialogue prospects.

Tip 5. Pick your companion wisely for the job. Remember that it is hard to track them, so keep them close and remember where you are sending them before dismiss.

For More Details On 1) First Visit a Power Armor Station 2) Fallout 4 Exit Power Armor 3) Entering into the Crafting menu 4) Find the damaged armor piece(s)  Swipe Up