By Nick Rana 

8 December 2022

What Are The Prerequisites To Install A Custom ROM In Your Android?

Adding Rom Will Add Some Cool Features to Your Device as Well. Just Think of Amazing Ui With Premium Functioning of the Device; Yes That is Possible With Rom

Firstly you need to make your backup and then Unlocked the Bootloader to change the system files

Now, Active USB Debugging on your phone Turn off security. Before flashing a ROM, Turn off security. 

 Make a Data Backup. Although a Full Backup Will Be Made During the Flashing Procedure, the Software Titanium Backup Makes It Simple to Back Up Only Your Data. This Calls for Root.

Flashing a Custom Rom Won’t Physically Harm the Phone, but It May Bring a Few New Issues to Do That, You Would Need to Adjust the Battery or Significantly Raise the Voltages.

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