How To Boost Your Business Using Online Tools

Most business growth strategies involve the use of many multimedia files. So, services like professional transcription and copywriting become critical parts of any success story. Usually, entrepreneurs hire web agencies or freelancers for transcribing audio to text. But today, thanks to artificial intelligence, it is possible to save more on budget and get things done faster.

Here are four tools that are now indispensable. Maybe, you heard of some of them as Grammarly and Audext are pretty essential for everyday tasks. But using all four services will start the ball rolling by changing the way you invest your time and money. With them, anyone can boost their businesses and increase sales and conversions.

To know about real benefits of boosting business using online tools, you must understand web analytics and how to use it effectively .

Better Email Marketing With Mailshake

Every online business should send emails to turn leads into loyal customers, drive sales, and create long-lasting relationships. After all, it is a low-cost way of addressing key company goals. Including customer acquisition, activation, and retention.

Most online tools for email marketing facilitate the two primary kinds of email marketing. That is, transactional (shipment updates and confirmation emails, for example) and direct (promos, ads, coupons, etc.) emails. Plus, you get statistics about who opened them, who clicked the link, and so on. Such services are no doubt handy. But they do not solve the problem of wasting too much time.

Mailshake is the next-gen online tool for email marketing that you should consider. Mainly because it is fully automated. For instance, it creates personalized emails for anyone on your list. It also has 3rd party integrations for pushing data to your CRM. Lastly, unlike other alternatives, it is intuitive and easy to master.

Start a Blog With Grammarly

A blog is an optimal solution to answer your customers’ questions. Plus, web search engines list your articles and let you attract more potential buyers. Your blog can be the place where you showcase your brand and build an online reputation as well.

Writing blog posts is the singular most important part of blogging. As an entrepreneur, you might be interested in producing articles as quickly and efficiently as possible without losing the value of each blog post. Maybe, you spend quite a lot of time preparing subjects and doing keyword research. But if you do not streamline the content creation process, you might bite off more than you can chew. At the same time, you need to make sure that your articles are error-free, engaging, and readable.

Grammarly is the most efficient online tool to correct any embarrassing error and typos. In short, it is a lifesaver. With just a few clicks, Grammarly helps you rewrite your sentences so that they are crisper. It helps you feel confident while writing and can do so much more than you can imagine.

Save Your Time By Using Audext

As mentioned, outsourcing audio to text projects is not the only way to get professional transcription. Audext is the best audio to text converter online and works just as well as human transcribers. Not only is Audext fast and cost-effective, but it also operates in a web browser, so you do not need to install anything on your PC or laptop.

Transcription tools are notably fitting for so many purposes! Once you break free from professional transcription services that require a person to write you a text, an endless sea of opportunities opens before your eyes. For instance, transcriptions are nifty to get ideas from your mind to your social media, blogs, and emails faster. But you can also create transcriptions for your info products and use those files to upsell more products.

Audext can transcribe a 20-second audio file in less than a minute. In other words, it works really fast in comparison with other audio to text programs. But the best aspect is that it lets you create an online account. So, you do not need to bring the transcription with you because you can download it anytime.

Deliver Customer Happiness With EngageBay

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is an indispensable tool in the arsenal of every business. It offers a comprehensive view of your customers, and helps you win at marketing campaigns, track customer activity, boost sales, and offer incredible customer support.

EngageBay is one of the best CRM software for small and medium businesses. Its intuitive platform comes packed with tools in three ‘Bays’: Marketing, Sales, and Service.

The Marketing Bay offers everything you need to generate new leads. EngageBay’s omnichannel marketing lets you target customers across email, SMS, social media, web, and phone. You can also nurture your leads through drip campaigns, welcome them using autoresponders, and send newsletters through the email broadcast feature. In addition, the multistep automation lets you automate even the most complex workflows with ease. 

The Sales Bay offers project management, deal pipelines, appointment scheduling, and task management. You can also deliver exceptional customer support through the helpdesk and Live Chat tools. 

Connecting all these tools is the CRM. This centralized, unified customer database ensures that all the teams get access to the same customer data. This integrated approach removes inconsistencies, miscommunications, and above all, offers a seamless experience for sales and support reps.

ZipBooks, free accounting software

Accounting software takes your business to the next level. Besides, it saves you time and automates an otherwise boring activity.

ZipBooks offers a remarkable feature: project management. That is, the software tracks time for your business. Plus, you can use it to take care of every other financial aspect involving:

  • Contacts (both customers and vendors)
  • Invoices
  • Reports (financial statements, expenses, accounting, and taxes)
  • Transactions (including reconciliation statements)

You can open a ZipBooks account for free and pay for extra features when necessary. Above all, it can connect to the most popular online payment services like Paypal, Square, and Stripe. This online tool has an intuitive layout and makes staying on top of taxes much easier.

Whether you are starting or growing your business, these four tools will increase your productivity. Grammarly will help you write riveting emails that you can send with Mailshake. Then again, Audext will simplify audio to text recording and avoid any expenses on human-made professional transcription. And if you decide on paying for the extra features, ZipBooks will help you log every expense.

Not only this, there are thousands of mobile apps that can do wonders for your business.

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