All Samsung Galaxy S device owners face the same issue – bloatware. I’m not only talking about those annoying pre-installed carrier or third-party apps, but also about Samsung’s own apps, which are supposed to “improve” your user experience.

Some apps, however, do more harm than good. A perfect example is Samsung’s S Voice app. It’s your native Samsung voice assistant, which can (and should) be completely replaced by Google Now. By the way, check out our post on all the cool Google Now voice commands out there (like “Make me a sandwich!”).

Best way to disable S Voice on Galaxy devices

If this post is not the first one you read on this topic, you have probably seen that some people in the Android space recommend disabling S Voice by simply removing a way to launch it when you don’t want to by going to the app’s settings themselves. However, there is a better way.

To completely disable S Voice and get rid of the annoying home button lag on older Galaxy S devices, go to your Settings > Application Manager > All > find S Voice and then select > tap “Disable”.

Once you have done that you have made sure that the app won’t even run in the background and will not drain your battery in case it has. See the video below if you aren’t sure where to find the settings I mentioned above.

At the end of the video you will also see a list of all the Samsung bloatware apps I have currently disabled to help my battery life and general device performance. 

Please comment below if this method worked for you as well, considering different layout settings on older versions of Android. I will make sure to update this post to help as many readers as possible.