How to Fix Fatal Error C0000022 on Windows?

Some users say that they get the Fatal error C0000022 as soon as they turn on their laptop or PC. The message that goes with the error code is “Applying Update operation.” This is only a problem with HP laptops and desktops.

Most people who have had this problem say it started after something went wrong with a Windows update or while the update was being installed. Most of the time, users say that this error happens every time they turn on their computer, leaving them with few ways to fix it.

What Does Fatal Error C0000022 Mean?

Fatal Error C0000022 is a Windows error that can happen when you try to update Windows 10, Windows 8, or Windows 7. Users are usually told about an error during an upgrade when about 90% of the process is done. People can’t update their Windows in the same way.

People are still getting Fatal Error C0000022 in 2018, even though it started happening in the middle of 2017. Users of Windows think that the Fatal error C0000022 is caused by a bad installation of Windows updates. Some of the Windows Update files could have become broken if something went wrong while installing the update, like the system crashing.

What Causes Fatal Error C0000022?

We looked into this mistake in depth. From what we’ve learned, the Fatal error C0000022 can be caused by a number of things. Here are a few of them:

One or More Windows Updates Didn’t Install Properly

Most likely, this is because your computer had to stop in the middle of installing a Windows update.

Windows Update Didn’t Install the Security Bulletin MS16-101

The problem can also happen if the Netlogon.dll file wasn’t updated when Windows was last updated. In this case, the solution is to start up your computer in Safe Mode and install the Microsoft Security Bulletin.

Third Party Interference Caused by a Bug in a Windows Update

In the past, the problem could be caused by a bad Windows Update that didn’t work with a third-party app that was already installed.

Mass Hardware Broke Down

Several reports have been confirmed to be fixed only after some hardware parts were changed.

How Do I Fix the Fatal Error C0000022?

This article will give you a list of things you can do if you have the same problem. Here are a few things that other users have done when they were in the same situation as you. We suggest that you do the steps in the order shown. This will make things go more quickly. Let’s begin!

Method 1: Use the System Restore Function

If you installed the most recent Windows Update and then tried to restart your computer but got a Fatal Error C0000022, you should force the system to shut down and then try to restart it. If you were able to get into your computer, move on to the next step. If you still can’t get to the desktop, please do a System Restore:

  • Press the Shift key over and over when your computer is trying to start up again;
  • Fix your computer if you want to.
  • Then click Troubleshoot and choose Advanced options;
  • Get rid of the message “Fatal Error C0000022.”
  • Last, choose System Restore and wait for Windows OS to fix things on its own.

Method 2: Check if the Problem is With the Hardware

On some models, a problem with the hardware can also cause the Fatal error C0000022. Even though this isn’t likely to happen, let’s check to see if the hardware is broken. There won’t be any extra hoops for you to jump through.

The fastest and most accurate way to check for a hardware problem is to run a System Test through the System Diagnostics screen. This process will check all the major hardware parts for problems and differences. Here’s a quick summary of what to do:

  • Start by making sure your laptop is plugged into the AC so it doesn’t turn off during the test.
  • Turn on the computer and keep pressing the Esc key until the Startup menu comes up.
  • To get to the System Diagnostics menu, press F2 when you get there.
  • Then, use the arrow keys to find System Tests and press Enter to open the menu.
  • Use the arrow keys to choose “Quick test” at the next menu, then press Enter again.
  • Wait until the utility checks the most important parts to see if anything is wrong. Remember that it could take longer than 30 minutes.
  • If you haven’t found any problems with the hardware, move on to the next step to try the first possible fix.
  • If the scan shows a problem with a piece of hardware, you can test just that part using the Component Tests menu, or you can take your computer to a certified technician for more help.

Method 3: Install the Updates Manually

If the problem doesn’t seem to be caused by third-party programs or viruses, we suggest that you go to Microsoft’s website and manually download Windows update. For the change you just made, you need to:

  • Press the Windows key + I to open the Settings menu;
  • Choose Security and Updates;
  • Click History > Update
  • Click Uninstall Updates at the top of the window;
  • Then, look for the latest changes;
  • Right-click on each one and select “Uninstall”;
  • Turn the computer back on.

Method 4: Try to Get Rid of the Latest Updates by Using the DISM Command

  • Click the Windows button to the right;
  • Pick the Command Prompt (Admin) option;
  • Run the DISM command to fix the Fatal Error C0000022.
  • Type the following command and hit Enter:
    DISM.exe /online /get-packages
  • Find and copy the name of the update that was just installed;
  • Enter this command and hit the Enter key:
    DISM.exe /online /remove-package /name of package:  [PUT THE NAME OF THE UPDATE HERE]
  • Turn on your computer again.

Method 5: Check Your Computer for Malware

  • Open your browser and download either Malwarebytes 3.0 Premium or Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free.
  • Open the executable file to start setting up Malwarebytes (mb3-setup.exe).
  • To install Malwarebytes, choose your language, click Next, select “I accept the agreement,” click Next a few times, and then click the Install button. Click the “Finish” button when the installation is done.
  • Open Malwarebytes and click the Scan Now button on the Dashboard to start the scan.
  • When the scan is finished, click the “Quarantine Selected” button.
  • Click “Yes” if Malwarebytes tells you that you need to restart your computer.


The C0000022 error could also be caused by a malicious third-party program, a virus, or other malware that injected bad code into the OS and messed up the boot configuration data. So, when the update is installed or when the system reboots on its own, the system doesn’t restart right away.

Also, some people say they couldn’t back up their files or other important information when they tried to fix Fatal Error C0000022 by reinstalling Windows OS. Also, fixing this problem might be hard to do without losing important information on your computer.

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