How to Watch Private Youtube Videos

Is Youtube one of your favourite entertaining platforms? I am sure it is because there are 2 billion other people who use youtube for various purposes. I am sure that today’ millennials are of the viewpoint that Youtube is a very, very old platform, but let me tell you that it is not that old; Youtube got registered in 2005 by Steve Chen, Jawed Karim, and Chad Hurley. We are not here to go deep into the history of youtube, but we are here to tell you a solution to a big question that you might be facing, that is “How to watch private youtube videos” if this is so, then keep on reading, because you will get the answer of this troubling question here.

What are Private Youtube Videos?

Private Youtube videos are the ones where only people you invite are able to see the video because it is private (they must have their own Youtube accounts, and the maximum number is 50 usernames). Your video won’t show up in any of the search results or in your channel list. You won’t be able to connect to it if you try to share it with someone who wasn’t invited.

But, some users have gotten the uploader’s share link but are still unable to see the private movie. Here are a few probable explanations:

  • When trying to watch the video, viewers must first create a YouTube account and log in.
  • Viewers must connect to the YouTube account that was used to distribute the video.
  • Viewers must access the private movie using the unique URL that was provided to their inboxes.

There are also a lot of age-restricted videos that require a Google sign-in to see. But if you don’t have a Google account (which may not be feasible J) or don’t need to check-in, there is a way to see the private movie without having to sign in.

Trick 1 Watching Private Youtube videos without access

Although this approach may not work for the majority of individuals, it is worth a go.

  • Take a look at a private YouTube video.
  • Remove the word “watch” from the URL:- will be the end outcome.
  • The video will be accessible once you press the Enter key.
  • Using this approach, the private video will be opened, and you will be able to see it in its entirety without having to sign in.
  • Avoid using such techniques for harmful reasons in order to comply with the age-restriction policy.

Trick 2 signing in to watch the video

Click the email from the video’s uploader in your Youtube inbox notifying you that the film has been shared with you. A rectangle box with a smaller red box with three white horizontal dots will show in the email. In it, click the white horizontal dots. To watch the video on YouTube, click here. The video will now start playing in your browser or on the YouTube app. Keep in mind that you must be connected to your YouTube account with the same email address that was used to send the private link.

Tick 3 Ask the Uploader to share

By default, only the user who posted the private video may see it. This is done to safeguard their privacy; however, uploaders can manually add users to a list of individuals who are permitted to see a private film if they choose.

To watch a private YouTube video, you must first contact the video’s uploader, present her with your Google account login (which YouTube will use to identify you), and request that she grant you access to the video. You don’t have to rip your hair out if the uploader refuses to share the video URL with you; simply attempt the second technique.

Wrapping Up

Trying any of these tricks will surely allow you to watch the private youtube video you were longing for. But the simplest way of all is just asking the uploader to share it with you, as YouTube allows a video uploader to send up to 25 private URLs to viewers who have designated their video as secret. These users and only these users will be able to see the movie.

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