What is a Disposable Pen?


Pros and Cons of Disposable Vape Pens

Nowadays, it is impossible to go for hours without noticing someone using a vape pen. Vaping has become so common that fruity and flavorful aromas are almost a constant in public areas. Users are out to find the best disposable pen amidst a growing number of producers. Vape pens come in different forms and qualities.

When choosing a vape, it is important to consider costs, durability, and more. Even the top vapers can find it hard to sift through the hundreds of brands claiming their products are the best. How do you know that you have the best CBD vape disposable pen?

Main Features of a Disposable Vape Pen

A disposable CBD vape pen is as the name denotes. It is a typical vaping device that users must discard when depleted. Unlike the rechargeable and refillable ones, once the e-liquid is over, then the pen becomes useless.

Those interested in vaping may understand that some features of kits are standard across various vapes. The equipment vaporizes the infused liquid, allowing the user to inhale the concentrated compound. The success of the process depends on all the singular parts, each serving a specific purpose. These are the essential features of the disposable pen:


The most important feature is the battery. It provides the heat source transmitted through the tank, heating the coil. In the case of these disposable types, the battery is non-rechargeable. The setup allows a couple of hits from the kit, which may coincide with the level of the e-juice.


As mentioned above, the coil is responsible for heating the e-juice. When in use, it heats the liquid, which the user vaporizes and ingests. The coil has a connection from the battery and through the tank.


As the name alludes, the tank is where the vape juice awaits the heating process. Each CBD disposable vape pen has a different volume of liquid in the tank. The cost will, in most cases, go hand in hand with the capacity of e-juice in the tank.


The e-juice is as vital as any other part of the system. It is an infused substance that delivers THC or CBD to users. E-liquids come in several flavors. You can find fruity ones, natural-flavored ones, and so much more.


Though not all disposable pens have a button, some rely on it to kickstart the process. For those with buttons, pressing it leads to the battery heating the coil and thus commencing the vaping process. Those without the buttons rely on the inhale activation mode. Their system activates the heating process the minute the user starts inhaling.


Lastly, we have the mouthpiece, through which users inhale the vaporized e-liquid.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Disposable Pen

People have different feelings when it comes to disposable pens. The pro-vapers support as many alternative products and devices as companies can produce. Those not entirely sold on the vaping experience may need help with how everything operates. True to it all, vaping using one of the best disposable pen has its advantages and disadvantages. It is up to the user to determine whether the benefits outweigh the disadvantages.

Here is a review of the top ones.

Advantages of Disposable Vape Pens

The following are some significant reasons disposable vape pens are a great choice.

Convenient and Travel Friendly

Vape pens come in slim, portable shapes that make them easy to carry around. They are more discrete and easier to use than rolling joints and using bongs. The disposable pens do not require additional kits. It is efficient that they come in the ready-to-use form and are discrete. It is also helpful that the aromas that come with their use are primarily fruity and flavorful.

Increasingly Easy to Use

As mentioned while describing the button, vape pens can either use the button or the inhaling activation mode. As opposed to other smoking equipment vaping offers users everything they need in a single device. Almost all disposable vape pens are straightforward when it comes to their use.

Low Maintenance

With rechargeable pens, there is always the issue of changing the batteries, refilling the vape juice, and such tasks. Disposable ones eliminate such hassles. When the battery and liquid run out, the pen becomes useless. The pen does not need any maintenance practices making it efficient even for newbie users.

Several Flavor Options

One of the most appealing concepts about vaping is how flavors are abundant. E-liquids come in different concentrations, potencies, and flavors. They have tastes to meet all their users’ preferences. You can find natural CBD vape juices, banana flavored, frosty ice flavors, and even cookie flavors.

It is important to note that flavors may vary from producer to producer. The same apple flavor may taste different from one producer to another. Finding a brand you love and sticking with its product is always better.

Relatively Cheaper

The cost of assembling a high-class vape kit is expensive. Buying the individual parts and replacing them as they wear out can take a toll on anyone’s spending. The disposable pen is cheaper because users do not need additional products. The pen they buy has everything they need and is hence cheaper.

Great Option for Beginners

When trying out vaping for the first time, it is understandable that some people may practice caution. Buying an entire kit is unlikely. Disposable vapes give first-timers a chance to try out vaping without fully committing. They experience flavors and concentrations before settling for what they like best.


The other side of disposable pens comprises some economic and environmental hassles that come with using the kits. They are:

Non-Environmentally Friendly

Since disposable pens do not last for long, this means that, at some point, they will get discarded. Their structure and material mean they will not degrade into the soil. Though companies suggest safe disposal methods, in the long run, they are hazards in the making.

Only Serve Short Term Needs

If you are lucky and keen, you can find a disposable pen with as many as 1000 puffs. Others have as few as 300. Disposable vapes are a short-term purchase because once it gets depleted, you need to buy a new one.

It expensive in the Long-Run

In the beginning, disposable pens may save you money, but in the long run, they are pretty expensive. Having to buy a new kit with each disposed of one means your spending accumulates. Compared to purchasing a rechargeable pen, disposables are way more costly for long-term users.

How to Choose the Best Disposable Pen

Everyone wants to make an informed purchase when it comes to vapes. The goal is to find a quality product that will serve you for a considerable time. After analyzing the disposable pens varieties, we devised a few pointers for picking the best pen. These are some of the things you need to look out for:

Number of Hits in a Pen

This part mostly depends on the individual’s preferences. Heavy smokers may find that they require more than a 200-hits disposable pen. Non-frequent smokers may think 500 hits is too much. The good thing is that there is variety. Before buying the pen, ensure you know how many hits you should expect from the product. Most producers advertise it on the package if they do not consult the store attendants or customer care agents if buying online.

Flavor and Strain of Vape Juice

Again, personal preference is what determines the flavor and strain. Look for a pen with fruity vape juice if you want something fruity. The taste and strain are usually in the description section of the product. In case it is missing, feel free to contact someone for help.

Brand Relevance

What determines the quality of the product is the brand. Research is the only way to go about it when picking the best brand. Through customer reviews and analysis of the brand online, you will know what brands produce the best disposable pens. With that in mind, you can stick to a brand that offers quality products.


Vaping has dominated the social world for the past couple of years. Users of broad-spectrum and full-spectrum marijuana products are settling for one kind of vape or the other. Disposable pens are a form of vaping kits that are less durable than rechargeable ones. Their features make them great for beginners to try out the vaping world. Also, their efficiency comes with how easy they are to use and require no maintenance.