Facebook Messenger Now Has Voice Messaging And Soon VoIP

Facebook released a new Android and iOS update for its standalone app “Facebook Messenger“. Now, the Messenger has a significant new feature: Voice messages. Users can now send up to one minute long voice messages to their Facebook contacts.

Usually people hate voicemails, but this feature can make it much easier to send longer messages which normally would include a lot of typing effort. In addition, you can send sound bits from live concerts, sport events or many other things, which cannot be communicated in words. Personally, I’ll definitely use this feature if I want to send long messages instead of typing them in for minutes.

facebook messenger

We tested the feature and the voice messages were delivered very quickly and the sound quality was pretty decent.

Sending a voice message is very easy. Just tap on the Plus sign on the left side of the text field and select record voice. Then simply tap and hold the record button and record your voice message. Once you let go of the button, your voice message is instantly delivered to the recipient. The great thing is that sent voice messages can also be listened to within the web version of Facebook. However, sending voice messages from the desktop version of Facebook is not possible. Facebook is solely focusing on mobile right now.

VoIP being tested in Canada

Facebook is testing a VoIP feature in Canada at the moment within the Facebook Messenger app. If the testing shows that the users in Canada like the function and use it to call their friends, Facebook might release the VoIP feature in the USA and in other countries. Then, Facebook would offer a universal social messaging app, which would connect Facebook friends not only by comments and text messages but also verbally.

Having a VoIP and a voice messaging feature, the Facebook Messenger app will move forward to being a serious competitor to messenger apps, such as WhatsApp and Skype. If it comes to that, other services would need to react quickly and to keep up. Of course, there are messaging apps, which already offer a voice messaging feature, but they don’t have the huge benefit of having all your Facebook friends as contacts.

What about you? Will you be using the new voice messaging feature to talk to your friends or are you against voice messages? If so, I’d love to hear why.

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