How Tablet Shoppers Are Changing Online Sales (Infographic)

The tablet market is growing every day and shop owners should be prepared in terms of optimizing the buying experience for mobile devices. According to the Wall Street Journal, different online shops are experiencing the highest conversion rates coming from tablets.

Of course, the market share of tablets in contrast to traditional desktops is quite small. With iPad sales expected to increase by 132% and Android to grow twice as fast between 2012 and 2016, every online shop owner should be ready for mobile commerce.

If you are a shop owner, you should start optimizing your website sooner rather than later.

How to optimize your online shop for mobile devices

  • Implement a responsive design
  • Optimize the website for high-resolution / retina displays
  • Offer a mobile application for a better user experience
  • Use finger-friendly browsing (gestures, swiping) instead of clicking and using rollover menus
  • Replace Flash with mobile-friendly elements

Have a look at the infographic below to learn more things about how tablet shoppers change online sales.

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