How to cancel Verizon Phone line? (2022 UPDATED)

Oh! So, you are a Verizon user and using it for some time. But due to any reason you want to cancel your service. It might be you are not enjoying them, or it becomes a bit cheaper for you. There are so many reasons to do so. That’s why you want to know how to cancel the Verizon phone line.
As you know Verizon provides some of the most reliable. Wireless coverage for smartphones. But, also, on the other hand, it is the most expensive service to go with. As well as it is the most costly carrier in the United States. To cancel the service you have to visit the nearby local Verizon store or you have to call the phone helpline number. So, that they could verify your id and solve the issue if any? In this article, I am going to share how to cancel Verizon Phone line?

How to Cancel Verizon Phone line in 4 Easy Steps

Easy 4 steps to follow on canceling the Verizon Phone line:

Call Verizon Customer Service

To cancel your Verizon subscription line, call (844) 837-2262 from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm ET, Monday through Friday. To cancel service, only the account holder may phone, and customer service is only available during weekdays and business hours. You cannot cancel your service online or via email.

Provide Account Information

Once you have reached the customer support department, you will be required to supply the following account information:

  • The account owner’s name
  • The associated phone number
  • The PIN for the account or the last four digits of the account holder’s social security number.

Give Reason for Canceling the Account

The next step in Verizon’s contract cancellation procedure is to provide an explanation for the cancellation. To avoid being kept by customer support representatives, you may use the following excuses:

  • Poor customer care
  • Not receiving the special offer you were anticipating.
  • Bad reception or coverage

Decline Retention Tactics

Verizon’s customer care will make every effort to prevent you from terminating service. Among their retention strategies are, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Providing service suspension for one or two months
  • Switching you to a less costly plan
  • Reducing your monthly plan cost by $10 to $20

Retention may take up to 15 minutes of the call, and customer care representatives may not give up until they are certain that the customer wishes to cancel.

How to Cancel Postpaid, Contract-free Service

Just like Verizon’s contracted plans, you will need to visit a store. or Verizon’s cancellation line at customer care 1-844-837-2262 to end your cancel Postpaid  service.
 I hope, this article, is helpful for you. if you have any queries. feel free to reach us in the comment section. 

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