How To Check Gifts On Steam?


Steam is a website where you can buy and play video games. You can send and receive gifts too. This guide will show you step-by-step how to check on Steam gifts and see what’s going on with them.

Method 1. Log into Your Steam Account

First, log in to your Steam account. To do this, either go to the Steam website or open the Steam program on your desk. Type in your password information to get into your account when you get there.

Method 2. Access Your Inventory

Right after you’ve logged in, go to your store. In the top right part of the Steam screen, the “Inventory” button is easy to find. There are many things in your inventory, such as gifts that are tied to your account, that you can look through if you click on them.

Method 3. Locate the “Gifts” Section

The part of your inventory that you want to talk about is called “Gifts” or “Gift History.” This tab or area has a full list of all the Steam gifts you’ve received, so please pay close attention to it. You can find out about your gifts by clicking on this spot.

how to check gifts on steam

Method 4. View Your Gifted Items

You can see a full list of all the things your kind friends have given you when you go to the “Gifts” section. These could be games, stuff inside games, or other cool digital things. A lot of the time, gifts have important information written on them, like the name of the author, the name of the item, and a description.

Method 5. Check the Status of Unredeemed Gifts

This is where you should look for gifts that you haven’t taken yet or added to your Steam library. Because Steam is so simple to use, it often tells you what’s going on with each gift, like whether it’s been accepted or requires your attention.

Method 6. Accept or Decline the Gift

Someone gave you gifts and now you have to decide what to do with them. This could motivate you to do something. Know that you can say “yes” or “no” whenever you want. When you accept the gift, it will be added to your Steam library, making it easy to find and download whenever you want to play.

how to check gifts on steam

Method 7. Accessing Redeemed Gifts

The gift goes from being in “Gifts” to being in your regular collection or game library when you accept it. Here, in the virtual shops, you can find and use the gifts you’ve redeemed. You can tell them to install, play, or just look at them, and they’ll do it without any trouble.

how to check gifts on steam

Method 8. Thank the Sender

It’s always cool to be thankful. You could thank the nice person who sent you a gift if you know them. You could send a sweet message on Steam or a thank-you note on a different site. Either one can make the other person feel like it.


Last but not least, it’s easy to find the things your friends gave you on Steam. Their generosity will make your game experience better. It’s easy for everyone to explore this process, which includes signing in, showing appreciation, and keeping track of your digital riches.

When you can accept or reject gifts and get to your game library, it feels more like a personal place. The in-depth guide and commonly asked questions will help you make smart decisions and enjoy the many digital treats that are sent your way. Sign in, take a look at your collection, and lose yourself in the world of games, where giving and receiving are both fun. Enjoy the game!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I got a gift on Steam. Can I see who sent it?

Yes, of course! The nice people at Steam let you see who sent each gift in the “Gifts” or “Gift History” section. What a nice touch! It makes your online chats feel more personal.

How long do I have to accept a gift on Steam?

Since Steam gifts don’t have a set end date, it’s still a good idea to extend your hand and accept them as soon as possible. People who give you gifts may wait for you to decide what to do with them.

Can I say no to a Steam present?

You can refuse a gift if you want to. You can say no to an offer if it doesn’t feel right or if you have a good reason Why you shouldn’t take it.

Can I give or sell things on Steam again?

You can only gift or trade some things on Steam, and the method is mostly for personal use. Find out more about each item by reading its details. Some items may not be able to be sold or given as gifts.

What will happen if I don’t take a Steam gift game?

Wait for the gift until you decide if you want to accept it or not. Don’t worry. Since Steam keeps track of the gift, the person who sent it always knows where it is. This makes everyone feel happy.

The more you know about how to check and handle gifted things on Steam, the more you’ll value the digital gifts your friends gave you as you start playing games. Enjoy the game!

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