How to Check Screen Time on iPhone and Android?


For many of us, smartphones are now an important part of our daily lives. They help us have fun, talk to each other, and get things done. But too much time in front of a screen can hurt our health and well-being. It can lead to eye strain, trouble sleeping, and less work getting done. Both the iPhone and the Android have tools built in that can help users manage and keep track of how much time they spend in front of a screen.

How to Check Screen Time on iPhone?

1. Find Screen Time in Settings. You can quickly check how much time you’ve spent on your iPhone. Just go to Settings and look for “Screen Time.” This feature tells users important things about how they use their phone, like how long they stay on it, what apps they switch between, and how many notifications they get.

2. Look at reports and usage data that are very thorough. Users can get a quick look at how they’ve used their device today in the Screen Time menu. Reports for each app in this summary show how much time was spent on each one and how many alerts were received from them. People can use these reports to figure out which apps take the most time and then use those apps in the best way possible.

how to check screen time on iphone and android

3. Limit the apps you use and plan for times when you won’t be able to use them. People who have an iPhone can limit the number of times they can use certain groups or apps. This keeps them from using them too much. People can plan to use an app for a certain amount of time every day. This helps them find a good mix between time spent on screens and other things to do. You can also block certain apps or features on your device at certain times, like when the kids are sleeping or when you’re with your family, so you can rest.

4. Use a passcode to check in and out of the screen and set privacy and material limits. iPhone users can limit who can see certain apps, websites, or features by setting content and privacy rules. These changes let them decide how much time they spend in front of the TV. Users can make sure that no one changes their settings without their permission by setting up a Screen Time PIN. This keeps their usage limits in place.

How to Check Screen Time on Android?

1. Click on Settings, then click on Digital Health & Parental Controls. Open the Settings app on your Android phone and find “Digital Wellbeing & Parental Controls.” It will show you how much time you spend at a computer. There are several tools in this menu that are meant to help users keep an eye on and control how their item is used.

2. Go to the homepage and check out the times for the apps. In the Digital Wellbeing menu, users can tap “Dashboard” to see a plan of how they use their devices. It records how long people looked at screens, what apps they used, and how many gadgets they picked up. App timers let users set time limits for each app and show them how long they’ve spent on each one.

how to check screen time on iphone and android

3. Pick a time to relax and the Focus Mode. Focus Mode lets Android users stop apps that are getting in the way of their work for a short time. This way, they can keep their attention on important tasks. By setting Wind Down, users can get ready for a good night’s sleep. This turns off all digital distractions and helps people unwind before bed.

Best Tips to Reduce Screen Time

  • Stick to the times you set for yourself to use your device so that you don’t spend too much time in front of a computer. Cutting back on screen time can help people find a good mix between it and other things they need to do.
  • Breaks: Every once in a while, take a break from your screen time to rest your eyes and mind. People who spend a lot of time in front of a screen can keep their eyes and minds from getting tired by taking breaks.
  • Limit alerts: To cut down on interruptions and distractions, turn off alerts that you don’t need. When users limit their messages, they can focus on important jobs without getting new ones all the time.
  • Do Things Away from Your Phone: Plan to spend time reading, working out, or hanging out with family and friends. When people do things away from their devices, they can break away from them and enjoy real-life events.
  • Track Your Screen Time: There are third-party apps that can help you keep track of and manage your screen time. These apps may also come with extra features and insights. Phone apps that track screen time can help people see how they use their phones and tablets more clearly and figure out how they can improve.

how to check screen time on iphone and android

  • Set up “tech-free zones” in your home. For example, the bedroom or dining room could be tech-free zones to help you relax and talk to people in person. By making tech-free zones, users can control how much time they spend on screens and in their free time.
  • Watch how much time you spend in front of a screen and try to find a balance between things you do online and things you do in real life. Mindfulness helps people be more aware of how they use technology and pick how they want to spend their time.
  • Get Help: If you can’t cut down on your screen time on your own, ask family, friends, or professional tools for help. People who ask for help can get it as they try to spend less time in front of a computer. They can also get support, inspiration, and guidance.


If iPhone and Android users follow the tips in this piece and use the screen time management features on their phones, they can get a better handle on their digital habits and have a better relationship with technology. You can live a healthy life in this digital world by setting boundaries, taking breaks, and putting things you do offline first.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I monitor screen time for individual apps?

You can see how much time you spend on each app on both the iPhone and the Android. You can also set time limits for some apps.

How much time kids can spend in front of a screen?

Kids should be able to talk about their digital habits and follow rules that are appropriate for their age. Limiting their screen time can help.

Should I change how much time I spend in front of a screen every day?

Yes, users of both the iPhone and the Android can change how much time they spend in front of the screen each day. This lets them change how they use technology to fit their goals and ways of doing things.

Does having tools that let you control screen time change how well the device works in general?

Most of the time, screen time management tools don’t have a big impact on how well the device works. They are designed to work well in the background.

How can I keep track of if I use my computer for more than one thing?

Some third-party apps and services let users watch TV and control their screen time on more than one device from a single app or service.

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