How to Create a Gmail Account For Your Child?


These days, teaching your child how to use email can be helpful and teach them things. It’s simple to sign up for Gmail because it’s a well-known email service. Following this guide will help you set up a Gmail account for your child. This will keep them safe and help them have fun online.

Step 1. Age Requirement

You need to be a certain age to join Gmail, just like many other web services. You must be at least 13 years old to create a Gmail account. If your child is younger than 13, you could use Gmail for families. You can make accounts for kids under 13 that you can keep an eye on with this service.

Step 2. Parental Consent and Supervision

Kids younger than 13 need to speak to and get help from a parent before they can use Gmail for Families. As a parent, you’ll need to use Family Link to set up a Google Account for your child. With this Google tool, you can keep an eye on what your child does online. You can now keep an eye on and change how your kid uses Gmail.

Step 3. Create a Google Account for Your Child

To set up a Google account for your child, do the following:

  • Go to the Family Link website or open the Family Link app.
  • To set up Family Link, just do what it says on the screen.
  • Pick out an email address for your child to use for their Google account.
  • To make an account, just follow the steps.

How to Create a Gmail Account For Your Child

Step 4. Gmail Account Setup

After making a Google Account, the next step is to set up Gmail:

  • You can use or your child’s phone’s Gmail app.
  • To get in, click on the child’s Google Account.
  • To set up Gmail, do what it says. Pick out a picture of yourself and change the account rules, for instance.

Step 5. Privacy and Security Settings

To make sure your child stays safe online, pay close attention to these settings:

  • Set up two-step proof for extra safety.
  • Because their Gmail and Google Accounts are safe, you can decide who can see and talk to them.

How to Create a Gmail Account For Your Child

Step 6. Educate Your Child

Help your kid learn how to use the internet safely by giving them this chance:

  • Tell them how important it is to have unique, strong passwords that no one else has.
  • Talk about what online that you shouldn’t do online.
  • Ask them to be honest about what worries and scares them when they talk online.

Step 7. Monitoring Through Family Link

Family Link lets you keep an eye on and control your kid’s Gmail and other internet activities:

  • You decide how long and when your child can use Gmail.
  • Take a look at your child’s behavior report to find out how the computer.
  • Choose which apps and websites can get through or not. This lets you decide who can see what.

How to Create a Gmail Account For Your Child

Step 8. Regular Check-Ins

You should talk to your child a lot about what they do online:

  • You could talk about any texts or letters they got.
  • It’s important to address any worries or questions they may have about Gmail.
  • Tell them to be careful on the web.

Step 9. Review and Update Settings Periodically

As your child gets older and more used to the internet, they should check and change their settings every so often:

  • Change how private things are for your child based on their age and how much they understand.
  • You should talk about and then make any changes you’ve made to how you use the internet.


You should be with your child when they set up their Gmail account and help them do it. Make sure the safety settings are right on Family Link, and be honest with each other. This will give your child a safe and helpful start with email. Make sure you change your child’s settings and talks before they turn 13. This will keep them safe and happy online. Now that the account is set up, you can safely watch your child use Gmail and browse the web.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why can’t everyone use Gmail?

People who work with kids younger than 13 must follow the rules set out in the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). That means people must be that old to follow the rules.

Can I set up Gmail for my kid who is under 13?

Yes, you can use Gmail with your family. Parents can make Family Link accounts for their kids under 13 that only adults can use.

What does Family Link do? What’s the point?

Keep an eye on what your child does online with Google’s Family Link tool. If a kid is younger than 13, their parents can set up and manage their Google Account.

How can I make sure my kids are safe when they use Gmail?

Family Link lets you control and keep an eye on your kid’s Gmail and other online accounts. Set up two-step verification and make them less public.

How can I make sure my kid is safe online?

Kids can learn how to stay safe online with Google’s tools. Also, parents should talk to their kids about online safety and privacy.

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