Methods to Fix CPU Fan Error on Asus Motherboards!


In the ever-changing world of technology, people who use Asus motherboards may run into a problem called CPU fan error. This article gives a full guide to using Asus systems and making sure they work well, as well as a detailed explanation of how to fix this error.

What is the CPU Fan Error?

Finding out what’s causing the CPU fan error is one of the most important things to do to fix it. This error happens when the BIOS system notices that the CPU fan isn’t working right or isn’t working at all. These problems can be caused by something as simple as a bad connection or as complicated as old software.

If you don’t fix the CPU fan error, it could make your whole system less healthy. There are many things that could go wrong. The system could overheat, become unstable, or, in the worst case, parts of the hardware could be damaged for good. So, the most important thing is to find a way to solve this problem quickly and effectively.

Causes of the Error

1. Fans didn’t know each other well. Most of the time, bad connections are to blame for the CPU fan error. If the fan cables are loose or not connected properly, the BIOS may get the wrong information, which can lead to the dreaded error. A key part of fixing this problem is making sure the CPU fan is securely connected to the right motherboard header.

2. BIOS firmware that is out of date. The CPU fan error can also be caused by BIOS firmware that is too old. In the constantly changing world of technology, firmware updates are used to fix problems, like the ones with how fans work. One way to avoid this problem is to regularly check and update the BIOS firmware on your motherboard.

3. Clogs and dust that build up. A lot of what goes on inside your computer case affects how well your CPU fan works. Over time, dust and other particles can gather around the CPU fan, making it hard for it to spin and causing the error. To avoid this problem, you should do regular maintenance, especially in the area where the fan is.

Methods to Fix CPU Fan Error on Asus Motherboards

Method 1. Accessing BIOS Settings

Start your Asus computer back up and go to the BIOS settings. You’ll be able to figure out what’s wrong with this. During boot-up, you usually press the key that tells you to do this. Once you are in the BIOS interface, go to the “Monitor” or “Hardware Monitor” area. You can change how the CPU fan works in this area. Here, you can turn off any warnings about how fast the fan is moving.

how to disable cpu fan error asus

Method 2. Updating BIOS Firmware

Keeping the BIOS firmware on your motherboard up to date is a good solution. Go to the official Asus website, find the model of your motherboard, and then download the most recent BIOS firmware. Follow the directions carefully to make sure the update works and is safe.

Method 3. Checking Fan Connections

Since bad connections are a common cause, it is important to carefully check how the CPU fan is connected to the right header on the motherboard. If you keep having the same problem, you might want to try a different header for the connection.

how to disable cpu fan error asus

Method 4. Adjusting Fan Speed Thresholds

Users can choose how fast the fans can go on some Asus motherboards. Change the warnings about the speed of the fans by going to the right part of the BIOS settings. But you shouldn’t set the thresholds too low, because that could hurt how well your system cools as a whole.

Method 5. Using Fan Control Software

Asus’s tools include software that lets users control fan speeds and keep an eye on system temperatures. By installing and setting up these tools, you can fix the CPU fan error in a more nuanced way, and it may go away for good.

how to disable cpu fan error asus

Method 6. Checking for Physical Obstructions

Dust and other things that make it hard for the CPU fan to turn caused the error. Your system will last longer if you clean it often and pay special attention to the fan area. To get rid of dust that won’t go away, you can use a can of compressed air.

Method 7. Replacing the CPU Fan

If everything else fails, you might need to replace the CPU fan. When you buy a replacement fan for your Asus motherboard, it’s very important that it works with it. It’s important to do what the manufacturer says to do during the installation process.


On Asus motherboards, figuring out how to fix the CPU fan error requires both software changes and hardware checks. By carefully following the steps given, users can get rid of the error and make sure their Asus systems run at their best. To read more content like this, visit

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use my computer even though there’s an error about the CPU fan?

Unless you fix the problem, the system could get too hot and stop working. As soon as possible, the problem should be fixed.

How often do I have to clean my CPU fan so that the error goes away?

You should clean the fan every few months to keep dust from getting into it and to make sure it works well.

Is it safe to update my Asus motherboard’s BIOS firmware?

BIOS updates are usually safe as long as you carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions. But go slowly and try not to get stopped while you’re doing it.

Can I use software from a company other than Asus to control my fans?

You might be able to use software from a different company even though Asus has its own software. Before you install, make sure it will work and read reviews from other users.

What should I do if I’ve tried everything and I’m still getting the CPU fan error?

If the error keeps happening, Asus’s customer service can help.

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