How to Fix Mic Not Working in Phasmophobia?


With its intense and scary gameplay, the online psychological horror game Phasmophobia has taken the gaming world by surprise. But like any complicated software, players may sometimes have to deal with technology problems that get in the way of their fun. The microphone not working right is one of the most common and annoying issues that players report.

How to Fix Phasmophobia Mic Not Working?

Since contact is important in Phasmophobia, where players work together to figure out the secrets of haunted places, it’s important to fix this microphone problem. Don’t worry if your microphone doesn’t work when you play Phasmophobia. We’ve put together a full guide on how to find the problem and fix it.

Method 1. Make Sure to Verify Microphone Permissions

Start with the basics before going on to methods that are more complicated. The first step is to make sure that Phasmophobia has the permission it needs to use the microphone. Go to your computer’s settings, look for Privacy or Microphone, and make sure Phasmophobia is allowed to use your microphone. People often forget about it because it’s so simple, but it can be the trouble.

How to Fix Mic Not Working in Phasmophobia

Method 2. Review In-Game Audio Settings

The key to getting the microphone to work is in the middle of the game’s settings. Check Phasmophobia’s sound settings again to make sure the right microphone is selected. Accidentally, the game might change to a different audio input device. You can choose the right microphone from a list in the game’s audio settings. This change, which seems easy, can help a microphone work again in a big way.

Method 3. The Power of a Fresh Start

Sometimes, to fix a problem, all you have to do is start the game over. Put an end to Phasmophobia and start it up again. This simple step can be used to reset the game, which can reset the settings and may fix the problem you were having with the microphone.

Method 4. Reconnect Your Microphone

Using the “unplug and re-plug” method, try unplugging your microphone and then putting it back in while the game is going on. This seemingly unimportant move can be used to make the game notice the microphone if it hasn’t already.

How to Fix Mic Not Working in Phasmophobia

Method 5. Update Your Audio Drivers

If your microphone stops working, it could be because the audio drivers on your computer are out of date or don’t work well with it. Go to the website of the company that made your computer or microphone to find out what you can do. Download the latest audio drivers for your device, install them, and then start a new game of Phasmophobia. This kind of move is often the start of a game that goes well.

Method 6. Navigating Windows Sound Settings

When Windows has a lot of settings, they can sometimes mess up how games work with sound. If you right-click on the speaker button on the desktop, you can change all kinds of sound settings. Go to “Open Sound Settings” and then the “Input” part. In this case, your goal is to make sure that your microphone is the usual one. If you do this, your microphone and Phasmophobia might be able to work together again.

How to Fix Mic Not Working in Phasmophobia

Method 7. Unraveling Background Application Intricacies

Your microphone might not work as well if you have too many apps running in the background. Sort through your open programs and close any that might want to use your microphone, such as voice contact or video chat tools. This easy step can help you play games without being interrupted and enjoy them more.

Method 8. The Reinstallation Gambit

When nothing else works, you might want to reinstall the program. You might want to uninstall Phasmophobia and then put it back on your computer. This move can be used to restart the game and get rid of any broken game files that might be causing the microphone problem.

Method 9. Embrace the Power of Updates

The gaming world is always changing, and makers often release updates to fix bugs and make games run faster. Make sure that you are using the latest version of Phasmophobia. There’s a chance that the problem you’re having with the microphone has already been fixed in a later update and is just waiting for you to update.

Method 10. Seek Guidance from Support

Don’t give up just yet if none of the steps above work. Help is easy to get from the game’s support team. They can walk you through answers that are hard to understand or tell you about ongoing technology problems that could be the cause of your microphone problems.


In the scary world of Phasmophobia, a broken microphone can be an annoying problem. Still, you should be able to get through this if you know how to solve problems. You can easily get your microphone to work again by checking your rights, fine-tuning your settings, updating your drivers, and if you need to, getting help from an expert. This will let you fully immerse yourself in the dark world of Phasmophobia. To read more content like this, visit

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why does my microphone not work in Phasmophobia but not anyone else’s?

Phobophobia might have different sound settings that need to be carefully changed. Watch out for the game’s settings, where you can change how your microphone works.

Can all kinds of mics be used with Phasmophobia?

In fact, the game can be played with a variety of microphones. But you must carefully set up the microphone in both the game settings and the system settings.

My microphone still doesn’t work right, even though I changed my drivers. Next, what should I do?

Even though changing the driver is a good idea, it may not work right away. After changing the drivers, you might need to restart the game or your computer.

Can background noise make the microphone in Phasmophobia not work as well?

If there is a lot of background noise, your mic might not work as well. So, the best place to start your Phasmophobia trip is somewhere quiet.

How often does Phasmophobia get updated?

The writers work hard to fix bugs and add new features, and updates come out at different times. Keep an eye on the game’s public ways to get in touch to find out about changes that are coming.

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