How to Fix Unable to Load Video iPhone Photos in 2024?


You might not be able to load movies in your iPhone pictures when you need to get to important photos or media files. This could be due to several things, such as a bug in the program or not having enough space on the hard drive. Photos taken on an iPhone often show the “Unable to Load Video” message. This guide will show you how to fix this problem and some of the first things that can cause it.

Causes of Unable to Load Video iPhone Photos

  • Hardware flaws: There are times when bugs in the iOS operating system make it hard for photos to load in the Photos app. These problems can happen after you change software, when apps don’t get along, or when system files are damaged.
  • Not enough space: If your iPhone doesn’t have much space left, it might be hard for the Photos app to open big video files. On some phones, this can happen if they have a lot of pictures and videos or other apps that take up a lot of space.

How to Fix Unable to Load Video iPhone Photos in 2024

  • Video Files That Won’t Load: Your iPhone video files can get damaged or broken, which means you can’t load them in iTunes. This could happen because of a lot of different issues with technology, software, or sharing files.
  • If you try to watch video files saved in iCloud or another cloud service, they might not load right. You might be having trouble connecting to the internet. This might be because the internet is slow, the network is slow, or services are down.

Effective Solutions to Fix the Issue Unable to Load Video iPhone Photos

The “Unable to Load Video” message on iPhone photos could be caused by what we now know. You can fix things in these ways:

  • Restart Your iPhone: Restarting your iPhone is usually all it takes to fix small bugs or short-term problems. On your iPhone, hold down the power button until the “slide to power off” slider shows up. Then slide the switch to turn off your iPhone. Hold down the power button one more time until you see the Apple sign. After this, it will begin again.
  • Get rid of photos, videos, apps, and other things you don’t need on your iPhone if you’re running out of room. You can also get rid of apps you don’t use, move media files to a different device, or set up iCloud Pictures to store your photos and videos in the cloud.

How to Fix Unable to Load Video iPhone Photos in 2024

  • To make sure your iPhone has the most up-to-date iOS, check for changes. You can see what has changed by going to Settings > General > Software Update. If so, add them if you need to. If the Photos app is giving you trouble, changing the software on your iPhone can often fix it. You can also get rid of bugs and speed it up this way.
  • For those who are still having trouble, you can empty the Photos app on your iPhone. Click “Reset” at the end of the list. This can be found in Settings> Photos. If the Photos app is giving you trouble, resetting everything to how it was at the beginning might help.

How to Fix Unable to Load Video iPhone Photos in 2024

  • To fix your iPhone if none of the other methods work, you can use a copy from before to try. In Settings, go to General, then Reset, and finally Erase All Content and Settings. This will get rid of everything on your iPhone. Make sure that iTunes or iCloud has a copy of your iPhone that is up to date. After you’ve cleaned your iPhone, save a copy of it and then follow the on-screen directions to get it back.


Seeing “Unable to Load Video” in iPhone pictures can make it hard to get to important pictures and videos. You should be able to get back to your videos in the Photos app if you know what’s wrong and try to fix it by restarting your iPhone, freeing up room on your storage, checking for iOS updates, resetting app settings, or getting back from a backup.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does it mean when an iPhone picture says “Unable to Load Video”?

In what way does “Unable to Load Video” come from? This means that your iPhone’s Photos app is having trouble opening a video file. This could happen because of bugs in the software, not enough space on the hard drive, broken video files, or trouble getting to the network, among other things.

Why does my iPhone keep telling me “Unable to Load Video”?

On your iPhone, “Unable to Load Video” shows up. If you want to fix it, restart your iPhone, clear the storage, check for iOS updates, clear the storage, reset the Photos app settings, or get your iPhone back from a backup. Follow these steps to fix the problem and be able to watch your movies in the Photos app.

“Unable to Load Video” on an iPhone: Does this happen a lot?

The “Unable to Load Video” mistake doesn’t happen as often as some other iPhone problems, but it can still happen. This mistake could happen because of bugs in the program, not enough room on the hard drive, or video files that don’t work. But if you know what to do, some things are pretty simple to fix.

A lot of people want to know more about the “Unable to Load Video” error that shows up in iPhone photos. People who answer these questions may be able to better understand the issue and possible options. There are several ways to make sure that iPhone movies play quickly in the Photos app. To fix bugs in software, make more space on your device, check for iOS updates, restart app settings, or get back from a backup are a few examples.

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