How To Fix YouTube Keeps Pausing?


Video sites like YouTube have become very important to our everyday lives. It lets us watch movies for fun or to learn. But having to pause over and over again can get annoying, and it can make watching less smooth than it would be otherwise. People who want to know good answers to “Why does YouTube keep pausing?” should read these pages.

This whole guide will look at the main reasons why YouTube videos play out of the blue. You will also learn how to fix the issue so that the movie plays continuously.

Common Causes of YouTube Pausing

1. A bad internet connection: One of the most common reasons YouTube videos pause is that the internet connection is slow or shakes. If buffering goes wrong, the video may stop playing, which can be annoying for people watching.

2. Browser Add-ons and Plugins: Some browser add-ons and plugins may not work well with YouTube’s playing features, which could cause videos to pause without you noticing. You need to find these add-ons and manage them so you can watch better.

3. Old Browser or App: The movie might end if you use an old browser or YouTube app that doesn’t work with YouTube. New features and changes need to be added often so that the old ones can still work with the new ones.

YouTube Keeps Pausing? Ways to Fix it

4. Hardware Acceleration: Hardware acceleration is software that makes the hardware of a gadget faster. But it can stop YouTube videos from playing sometimes. This setting might help fix the stopping problem if you turn it off.

5. If your computer has a lot of cookies and cache, YouTube videos may not work as well and may pause while they play. These browser files will make the browser run faster and feel brand new if you delete them often.

Ways to Fix YouTube Pausing Issues

Method 1. Check Internet Connection

It is very important to have a fast and stable internet link. You can either restart your router or use a direct link to connect to a different network. This will make streaming more stable and cut down on buffering breaks.

Method 2. Disable Browser Extensions

It’s a good idea to temporarily disable any computer add-ons or programs. Some add-ons, like those that block ads or download movies, might make it hard to play videos on YouTube. To find the exact extension that’s making things stop, turn each one back on by itself.

Method 3. Update Browser or YouTube App

It’s important to always have the most up-to-date YouTube app or computer. Bugs are usually fixed and other changes are made every month in updates. There were bugs in the app that could stop the video from playing. These add new features and fix bugs that were there.

YouTube Keeps Pausing? Ways to Fix it

Method 4. Disable Hardware Acceleration

You might want to disable hardware acceleration in your computer’s settings. You can find this in the “Advanced Settings” menu. This feature might be making it hard for you to play videos on YouTube. If you turn it off, seeing videos will be more fun.

Method 5. Clear Cache and Cookies

Once in a while, you should clear the cache and cookies on your computer. Over time, data can make it hard to watch movies smoothly. Your computer will start up faster and work better after you delete these parts.

YouTube Keeps Pausing? Ways to Fix it

Method 6. Adjust Video Quality

One thing that might work is making the movie less good. Still can’t get the video to play? To change the quality of the movie, click on the gear icon in the player. What this does to your internet link is less strong, so it might go down less often.

Method 7. Use Incognito Mode

You could watch YouTube movies in secret mode or without giving your name. Add-ons and add-ons are turned off in this mode. You can then see if they are the trouble. This step checks to see if there are any issues.

Method 8. Disable Dash Playback

With DASH, which stands for Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP, YouTube can change how good movies look. If that doesn’t help, you can turn off DASH play in your browser’s settings. You’ll have another way to watch movies if it does.

YouTube Keeps Pausing? Ways to Fix it

Method 9. Update Graphics Drivers

Every time you turn on your computer, make sure that the graphics drivers are up to date. If your drivers are out of date or don’t match up, videos might not play right. Get the latest graphics drivers from the company that made your gadget.


Lastly, if you want to fix the problem of YouTube videos pausing, you need to plan how you will locate and fix common problems. The point of these steps is to help you watch better. Some of them are in charge of computer add-ons, keeping software up to date, and changing how things are shown. Because YouTube is a live site, it doesn’t always work right.

What was said is a good way to make things less likely to go wrong. People who follow these steps will be able to fix their problems and get the most out of this popular site for sharing movies. Remember that you may need to do more than one of these steps to fix YouTube and find out why it’s stopped. You’ll have more fun and things will go better.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If your internet is slow, might YouTube movies stop?

There are times when YouTube movies stop because the internet link is too slow or unstable. Videos may not play if the loading process goes wrong.

Can’t stop YouTube because you have add-ons on your computer?

Some add-ons for browsers may stop videos from playing for no reason because they don’t work well with YouTube. You need to find these changes right away and take care of them.

How often should I change something?

New features and changes need to be added often so that the old ones can still work with the new ones. For better support, make sure your browser or app is always up to date and watch for changes.

What does it mean to turn off hardware acceleration?

An item’s hardware can do some jobs with the help of hardware acceleration. Depending on how you set up your computer, YouTube might work fine again after you turn it off. It will be more fun to watch YouTube now.

Why is it important for YouTube to clear its cache and cookies?

YouTube movies might not work as well or might stop playing when cookies and files get full. When you clear these parts of the browser often, it works better and feels brand new.

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