How to Gift Skins in Fortnite to Your Friends?


With so many customizable skins, the well-known battle royale game Fortnite gives players a ton of options to express their individual flair while offering an immersive gameplay experience. Gamers have been known to give these skins away as gifts to spread joy and enhance the gaming community overall. In this detailed guide, we’ll go over how to gift skins in Fortnite step-by-step.

1. Confirm that two-factor authentication, or 2FA, is turned on. Make sure your Fortnite account has Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) enabled before starting the gifting process. Enabling this security step provides an additional layer of protection, which is required to use the donation option.

You can enable two-factor authentication by visiting the Epic Games website, entering your login information, and choosing “Account” > “Password & Security.” Follow the prompts to activate 2FA and safeguard your account.

2. Add Friends to Your Fortnite Friends List: You have to add friends to your list before you can grant them a skin. This ensures that when it comes time to start the gift-giving process, selecting them as the recipient will be easy. Navigate to the Fortnite “Friends” page. Using their Epic Games email address or by looking up their Epic Games username, you can add pals on this platform. The individual will be added to your Friends List and eligible for gifts if you accept their friend request.

How to gift skins in Fortnite

3. The last step is to visit the Fortnite Item Shop, an online retailer where customers may peruse and purchase a variety of goods, including the highly sought-after skins. Locate and choose the “Item Shop” option, usually found toward the top of the main screen, when Fortnite begins. This will enable you to look through the large assortment of available items.

4. Pick the Skin You Wish to Give: Browse the Item Shop’s skin collection and pick the one you wish to gift. Remember that not every item in the Item Shop can be gifted, so before making a purchase, carefully consider the requirements for each skin. Click on the selected skin to see more details. Should the skin be suitable for gifting, a “Gift” option shall surface.

5. Choose the Recipient: When you click the “Gift” option in the game, it will prompt you to choose a buddy from your Friends List to receive the gift. Carefully select the person you want to surprise with the selected skin. The game will guide you through creating a personalized note to go with the present once you’ve made your selection. This adds a more thoughtful touch to the offering deed.

How to gift skins in Fortnite

6. Complete the Purchase: After you’ve chosen the receiver and written a note, the game will guide you through the final steps to complete giving. This usually means taking the gift and finishing the transaction, both of which require Fortnite’s in-game money, V-Bucks. Follow the on-screen directions to finish the donation. To confirm security, you might be asked to enter your account password.

7. Tell Your Recipient: After you’ve successfully given your friend the skin, it’s courteous to let them know about the surprise. Send them a note or use the Fortnite chat feature to make sure they understand the present and can express their gratitude.

Tips and Considerations

  • There are lots of options for gifts, and Epic Games occasionally has special features or events devoted to giving. Stay informed about any changes about unique opportunities.
    Certain items in the Item Shop may not be appropriate to offer as gifts. Examine the details of each item to make sure you qualify.
    Verify that you have sufficient V-Bucks in your account to complete the purchase. This ensures that the process of giving gifts is smooth and ongoing.


The release of skins in Fortnite fosters even greater camaraderie and excitement among the player base. By carefully following these instructions, players may effortlessly manage the gifting process and surprise their friends with stylish, personalized skins. Gifting will always be a much-loved feature of Fortnite, enabling players to engage and have more fun in the game with each other as this vibrant online community grows.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which items from the Item Shop can I give as gifts?

Not everything in the Item Shop can be given as a gift, even if there are plenty that can. Examine each item’s details carefully to confirm if it qualifies for donation.

Do V-Bucks have to be used to give something a skin?

In reality, to gift a skin, you must have V-Bucks, the in-game cash. Verify that you have sufficient funds in your account to complete the transaction.

Can I offer a friend who isn’t on my list of friends a skin?

No, the receiver needs to be added to your Fortnite Friends List before they may receive gifts. Make sure you’ve included them before beginning the delivery process.

How many skins can I gift in total? Does a cap on the amount?

As of right now, there are no restrictions on how frequently skins can be given out. However, Epic Games may hold occasions or release updates that influence what to give as a gift.

Is it feasible to grant a player on a different platform a skin?

Yes, Fortnite supports cross-platform gifting. If a friend plays on a different platform, you can gift them a skin if they are on your friend’s list.

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