How to See Someones Private Instagram

Instagram is a popular social media platform especially for sharing photos and videos to a the entire world and find like minded people to like your comments. It allows you to post interesting stories where you could tag your family, friends, coworkers and the others. Instagram is all about sharing but it also allows people to make private accounts. But what if you want to monitor such private accounts?

How to See Someones Private Instagram

Instagram app helps in photo and video sharing that has become the most popular social network. Besides, it takes a good care of user’s privacy.
You may post whatever you want to on Instagram, people post family photograph, parties, celebrations and those of formal occasions, which give them followers if they regularly update Instagram stories and photos.

You could make two types of accounts on Instagram and protect your privacy. While the first type of account is for public use, the second type of account is for private use.

Instagram account makes it incredibly simple for all people to discover people on Instagram using phone numbers and usernames. When you post using such an account, your photos and videos go to reach the public domain. This allows anybody to view your post, get access to information, and follow you in Instagram in the public. These are the public accounts which does very little to protect your privacy and has very few limits.

But what about a private Instagram account? It also allows to post photos, videos, stories but only those people whom you authorize to view these items can do so and unlike a public account any Instagram user cannot view or comment or like or follow or stuff like that.

So, if you are curious to view someone’s private Instagram account then follow these steps :

How to See Someones Private Instagram by Sending the Person Whose Private Account You Want to View a Follow Request

How to See Someones Private Instagram

This means you are requesting that person to authorize you to view their account as well. But you can be successful only if the owner of that Instagram account allows you to. In case the person is online and willing you may get authorized instantly and start viewing this person’s account or if not then you may have to wait. But whether the person will authorize you or not completely depends on that person. If they do not want then they may not authorize you as well and you may have to wait forever.

How to See Someones Private Instagram Taking Help From Google

When we make a private Instagram account Google keeps record of all the previous posts posted by that person. These are not those posts which were made after the person made the account private, rather these are those posts which the user posted while they still their account was still public.

You Can View These Posts Only

Open Google >>

Go to the Google search box or Safari if you use it instead of Google Chrome >>

Into the search box enter the Instagram user’s username >>

Wait for the search page to load >>

The search page will show categories like: All, Images, News, Videos.>>

Go to the Pictures tab>>

Here you will find the profile pictures and posts made by the person when the account was still public.

How to See Someones Private Instagram Using

How to See Someones Private Instagram is a third-party software which you could use to view private Instagram accounts  and what’s more, it allows you to do so anonymously. This is the best way to view private Instagram profiles without the owner of the profile knowing it that it’s you who is spying.

Go to’s official website >>

You will find the “Spy Now” button on the homepage itself >>

Click on this button >>

You will be lead to the the Instagram Viewer tool >>

A prompt appears >>

Enter the username of the profile whose private posts you want to view >>

Click on the “Access Profile” option >>

The tool will process your request >>

There is a time limit to remove the person’s password whose username you entered >>

Now you may view the private profile of the person.


It is only natural to feel curious towards the private things that we do not want to share. Hope this article was helpful. If you liked it then share your opinions in the comments. If there is something that I missed out then please add it in the comments.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Set My Instagram Account to Private So That Only Approved Followers Can See What I Share?

Instagram accounts are public by default but you can make it private at by following these steps:

Open Instagram>>

Click on your profile picture >>

Click on three horizontal lines in the top right >>

Click on Settings >>

Click on Privacy >>

Click just beside Private Account >>

Congratulations! Your account is now private.

How To Make A Remix On Instagram ?

Remix feature is turned on automatically only in new Reels but you could turn it on manually on any reel using the three dots.

If you remix reels for other users then it will show up in that person’s Activity tab while if you have made your own reels then it will show up in the Reels section.

Selecting a reel >>

Click on the three dots at the top-right section of the Reel >>

Click on the ‘Remix This Reel’ button >>

Now you have many editing tools like volume control and dubbing.

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