Methods to Fix Xbox Error 0x87dd0033!


Not being able to play games on your Xbox is the worst thing that can happen. Xbox Error 0x87dd0033 is a problem that might make it hard to play games. We need to know how to fix this error since it’s making things hard.

What Does Xbox Error 0x87dd0033 Mean?

The error code 0x87dd0033 usually means that something is wrong with your Xbox Live account. You might not be able to sign in, get to your games, or use some Xbox Live features. This error code means you can’t connect to Xbox Live servers.

Why Does Error 0x87dd0033 Happen on Xbox?

A number of things could cause this error:

  • Have trouble with the servers: The error might happen if the Xbox Live servers are having trouble. Usually, this kind of trouble doesn’t last long and is out of your hands.
  • Trouble with the Network: This error might be caused by a connection problem, like an internet connection that is too slow or doesn’t work at all.
  • Having issues with your account: If you enter the wrong account information, are having trouble with billing, or your account has been suspended, you may see the error code 0x87dd0033.

Let’s see what we can do to fix this.

Methods to Fix Xbox Error 0x87dd0033

Check Xbox Live Service Status

One thing you should do before fixing anything is check how Xbox Live services are running. MS has a page that tells you about the status of their services and if there are still problems. If their end is having trouble, you might have to wait until they fix it.

Restart Your Console

Once in a while, restarting your Xbox is all it takes to fix a problem. This gets rid of bugs for a short time. If you want to turn off your Xbox, hold down the button on the front of it for at least ten seconds. It should still be broken after you turn it back on.

xbox error 0x87dd0033

Verify Your Network Connection

Check to see if you can connect to the internet. Use a wired connection instead of Wi-Fi if you can. It’s better. Move closer to the router to get a stronger Wi-Fi band.

Clear the Alternate MAC Address

Some people who had the problem said that getting rid of the second MAC address fixed it. Go to Settings > Network > Advanced settings > Other MAC address and click “Clear.”

Check Your NAT Type

If you want to play games online, an Open NAT type is best. Go to Settings > Network > Network settings to change your NAT or find out what kind you have. These steps will open up your NAT type if it’s not already.

xbox error 0x87dd0033

Check for System Updates

Make sure the software on your console is up to date. Some bugs, like error 0x87dd0033, can be fixed by putting in updates.

Sign Out and Sign Back In

You have to log out of Xbox Live and then log back in if you want to connect again. With this simple step, it works most of the time.

Check Your Account Information

Make sure that the information in your account is correct and up to date. Make sure that your billing information is correct and that your subscription is active if you have one.

Contact Xbox Support

If none of these work, don’t be afraid to call Xbox Support. Everything they say will depend on your case, and they might be able to help you fix the problem.

Additional Tips

Update Your Router Firmware

Your router might not let you connect if the firmware is out of date. If your router needs updates, get them from the maker’s website and put them in.

Disable VPN or Proxy

If you use a VPN or proxy, turn it off for a while. These services may sometimes make it hard to connect to Xbox Live.

xbox error 0x87dd0033

Check for Account Suspension

Check to see if your Xbox Live account was closed because you broke the Gamer Guidelines or Terms of Service. That means you need to fix the suspension first.

Xbox Error 0x87dd0033 on PC

When you use the Xbox app on a Windows PC and get this error, fix it the same way you did the last time.

Preventive Measures

Take care when using a VPN or proxy and make sure that your account information is correct. If you don’t want to get Error 0x87dd0033 again, make sure that your Xbox and network hardware are up to date.


Anyway, Xbox Error 0x87dd0033 might be a pain for gamers, but it’s not impossible to fix. You should be able to fix the problem and play your games again after you see these steps. To read more content like this, visit

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Error 0x87dd0033 happen a lot on Xbox?

This error does happen to some Xbox users. But if you do what you need to, it should be fixed.

What should you do if the error still shows up after you’ve tried everything?

The best thing to do in this situation is to call Xbox Support for personalized help.

Is there something I can do instead?

If you keep your account information up to date and make sure your internet connection is strong, this is less likely to happen.

Should I fix this with Xbox Live?

Not all the time. Sometimes you don’t need to subscribe, but you should still check your account often to make sure everything is okay.

Does this mistake happen on PC and Xbox?

The Xbox app can be used on both an Xbox and a Windows PC. It’s the same error code and fix.

You now know how to fix Xbox Error 0x87dd0033. Remember that you can play games again quickly after you wait and do what you need to do.

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