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 What is Pokémon Go? And why it is breaking the internet

What is Pokémon Go? And why it is breaking the internet

Pokémon Go is breaking the internet, and many of us are wondering, what? Well, if you are one of those curious heads, then this post will help you in understanding this recent internet phenomenon.

What is it and why is the internet going gaga over Pokémon Go?

I came across an avalanche of posts about Pokémon Go on my social media feed. After scorching the web, I got the much needed insight about it. It is a mobile game, which is readily available on iOS and Android for free. However, it is available to limited regions for now, such as the US, Australia, and New Zealand. The rest of the world gotta wait for sometime to download it via Play Store and App Store. The ones who do not want to wait, you can download its APK file and run it on your smartphone. We would like to advise our readers that APK files are not completely reliable, so you gotta make sure that it does not end up infecting your device.

Going back to my childhood, I remember how Pokémon used to roll. A game that is 21 years old has now been reformed into an entertaining mobile game. In the game, the user gets to create an avatar that can catch, trade, train, and battle Pokémon characters, just like the cartoon show. Well, the premise sounds normal, right? But it is not as normal as it seems. The game makes use of user’s location and sends them on a quest to catch the Pokémon. It can place the target catch anywhere near your locality. So, this game would actually make you an outdoor gamer. A much-needed arrangement for the lazy gamers!

Alrighty, How does it work?

For making the game outline according to user’s location, Pokémon Go takes help of Google Maps. With the help of maps, the game places the virtual avatar on a quest that is near to real life arrangement. For the ones who get the chance to play the VR friendly game, they will find the Pokémon standing right in front of them. Pretty cool, huh!

Here’s a YouTube video that will give you a fair idea about the game and how it functions:

Who are the creators behind Pokémon Go?

Pokémon Go is the brainchild of Nintendo and Pokémon creators in collaboration with Niantic Labs. Interestingly, the Niantic Labs is a company born within Google. It’s founder John Hanke, was the main guy behind Geo products (Google Maps, Earth). Hank left Google in 2010, his company’s first game, Ingress – an augmented-reality, multiplayer, location-based online game went on to become the favorite of many gamers. Even after Hank left, Google somehow stayed involved with Niantic Labs. The search engine giant made a $30 million investment for developing Pokémon Go.

What else?

Erm, in one of the quirkiest incidents that surfaced on the internet – While on a quest for finding Pokémon, a woman discovered a dead body near a river by her home. Creepy? Sure it is.

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