WinX MediaTrans Download

WinX MediaTrans is the perfect iTunes alternative to help you troubleshoot and export iPhone iPad or iPod movies, songs, photos, and books. The WinX MediaTrans app can do this for you.

Transfer Without Erasing Data

Data loss is an unfortunate reality that arises when you delete and sync files on your PC with iTunes. It can also happen in iOS devices if they aren’t set up properly to back them up, which is why WinX MediaTrans allows for the backup/sync of media content between iPhone/iPad extensively.

Businesses will love the new WinX MediaTrans for iPhone and iPad, a function solution that allows them to store data in a safe place. Preventing lost data can make life easier when in meetings or traveling with your phone through easy backup and synchronization without iTunes installed.

Eradicate File Leak With Encryption

WinX MediaTrans offers a suite of tools to help keep your photos and videos safe. Leveraging the latest in data protection, It will encrypt files on both endpoints with 256-bit AES encryption, 1024-bit RSA encryption, PBKDF2 standard protocol, and Argon2 algorithm.


Following are a few of the prominent specifications:

Two Way Music Transfer

With MediaTrans, all of your music is ready to get organized and backed up. Never again worry about losing songs or taking risks that can erase important files because MediaTrans gives you peace of mind as it transfers from iOS to Windows seamlessly.

An ideal way to transfer music from your iOS 15 GM device is by using Two-way Music feature. This software offers you the ability not only to save files on an external drive but also to send it back with no risk of data theft or erasure.

Create And Modify Playlist

WinX MediaTrans is a great tool for anyone who needs to create or modify playlists. Your music should be your playlist. You can add songs with ease using the drag-and-drop interface, while deleting them will only take one click. WinX MediaTrans lets you create your own playlists that stay organized and up-to-date.

Edit Artist And Album Info

Winx is a powerful and easy-to-use program, which you can use to edit your music’s information. You need not be an expert in using such programs; WinX makes it simple for everyone who wants their album listed correctly on iTunes or even correcting mistakes made when naming tracks within different projects.

Manage Ringtones And Voice Easily

For those who need to manage their iPhone’s ringtone and voice recording abilities, WinX MediaTrans can help.It allows users to export ringtones from their iPhone, input a Voice Memo on the fly, and convert a music file automatically using AAC or MP3.

It has all the features needed for adding/exporting music files in various formats, including AAC or MP3, with just one click of a button.

Import And Export video Files

Optimal Size

WinX MediaTrans Optimize video files for optimal size on the iPhone, iPad, and other small screens. With a 50% reduction in file size without any loss of quality. It uses an innovative compression algorithm that will make any video or music file size smaller without compromising its quality. The technology has been developed to take full advantage of modern Apple devices.

Auto Rotate

This is a great app for automatically rotating videos. It can fit the iPhone or iPad display, so you never have to zoom in, pan around all four corners of your device. Think of all the times someone had to stop watching a video on their iPad because it’s simply too small. Now there is no need to do so. With WinX MediaTrans, we can rotate videos and watch them in full-screen quality.

Transfer Photos Fast Between iPhone And PC

With WinX MediaTransfer, you can transfer and convert photos and videos from your device in a few seconds. The app includes no need for iTunes, iCloud, or WiFi to make sure that content is transferred in the quickest time possible. Now you can share your photos with friends and family without WiFi.

Your Phone Is A Secret USB Device

“WinX MediaTrans is the ultimate solution for all of your storage needs. The pocket-sized device can store anything from words, PDFs, and Excel spreadsheets to videos or photos – it’s got everything you need in one tiny package.

WinX MediaTrans is an easy-to-use, affordable and powerful digital media software. The best thing about WinX Media Trans is that they support many file types, making this a very versatile app for people who need access to multiple formats of data in different situations.

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