Best Sources for iPhone Wallpapers

Updated on April 29,2021

With new iOS 14 updates, there are new possibilities for you to personalize your iPhone wallpaper. Besides standard Dynamic, Stills, and Live options, iOS 14 now offers iPhone’s stock wallpapers. Dynamic wallpapers are animated wallpapers that slowly change their appearance. Stills are just unanimated images and Live wallpapers are animated, but only when you 3D touch the display. Since all those pictures are “already seen” and everyone has access to them, in order to be unique, you can use other sources for wallpapers, such as your own photo gallery, or download some incredible picture.

In the following article, I will present to you the best sources for iPhone wallpapers.

First things first. How to change the wallpaper on your iPhone? Follow these steps:

  • Tap “Settings”
  • Click on “Wallpaper”

Best Sources for iPhone Wallpapers

  • Click on “Choose new wallpaper”
  • Choose one of the pictures from the iPhone wallpaper options
  • Adjust it to your screen as you wish
  • Choose a place for wallpaper – home screen, lock screen, or both.

Best Sources for iPhone Wallpapers

As mentioned, you can choose the wallpaper from your own photo gallery.

  1. Open camera roll
  2. Select image you want to set as a wallpaper
  3. Choose “Use as a wallpaper”
  4. Adjust it to your screen
  5. Choose a place – home screen, lock screen, both.

Besides these pictures you already have on your iPhone, there are many places to find your ideal wallpaper image. Let’s list some of them. is hands down the best source for great wallpapers. You can access it via an app or simply by downloading wallpaper from the website. The app offers a variety of tags to find the perfect wallpaper, including the possibility to filter for the top-rated and most downloaded wallpapers.


If artistic wallpapers are your cup of tea, Poolga is a great website to get creative and artful wallpapers for your iPhone or iPad. While the selection is limited, they come hand-picked and created from selected illustrators. Personally, I really like the wallpapers and enjoy the arty-vibe.


Ever considered looking at good-old Flickr for iPhone wallpapers? Well, I didn’t before I was doing some research in finding the best iPhone wallpapers. This Flickr group comes with more than 27.000 images and illustrations, all suited for your iPhone or iPad.

Flickr iPhone Wallpapers


Pexels is another great website where you can search for iPhone wallpapers. You can find wallpapers of almost anything, arts, fruit, landscapes. The good thing is that besides pictures themselves, you can add filters, change the size of the image, and make it to be exactly what you wish for. When you find your ideal image, just click on “Free download”. After the picture is downloaded, you can go to your gallery and set it as wallpaper.

If you like the picture of a certain artist, Pexels will provide you with their Twitter and Instagram accounts, so you can look for more!


At some point of searching through the Internet, you must have seen photography from Pinterest. This amazing social media allows users to post high-quality images of literally anything. Therefore, this is another great choice for you to find your ideal wallpaper. Another amazing thing, you can mark those images you like the most, and the gallery will constantly update with similar content. That way, you can change wallpapers and personalize your iPhone at any time.

There are thousands of images you can download for free. After downloading, you can set them as wallpaper.


Another website with an amazing offer of iPhone wallpapers. You can find over 10,000 images. Whether you prefer nature, fruit, vegetables, cityscapes, or 3D pictures, WallpapersWide has something for you.


If you have an older version of the iPhone, then this website is a good pick for you. As from iPhone 4, the website provides images for all iPhone versions. Images are high resolution and you can set them up however you like on your screen. Using the website is extremely easy, you can download the image you like for free, and set it as a wallpaper!


Yet another great choice for iPhone users. And the best thing, when you expand the website on the left side, you will see a search button. Here you can type anything you want to find and shorten the time necessary to find your ideal image.

On newer iPhone devices, there is an option to turn on Perspective Zoom on some wallpapers. This option makes your wallpaper seem to move when you change the angle you look at your screen.

Note: This option will not work if Reduced Motion is turned on.

Now when you have all the sources, you can set up your iPhone as you like. Whatever you choose, I am sure it’ll be amazing!

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